The power to play the game of life with balance.

The Power To Play The Game Of Life With Balance. Understanding The Difference Between &Quot;Positive&Quot; Thinking, &Quot;Negative&Quot; Thinking, And &Quot;Proper&Quot; Thinking Is The Beginning Point For Creating Long And Enduring Changes In Your Life.

The power to play the game of life with balance.

Understanding the difference between “positive” thinking, “negative” thinking, and “proper” thinking is the beginning point for creating long and enduring changes in your life.

Consider someone who sits down to play a musical instrument. Because he continues hitting all the incorrect notes, there is no harmony, balance, or true melody while he plays. The player finally becomes dissatisfied with his music’s disharmony, lack of pleasure, and lack of satisfaction and chooses to become a teacher. “You have the capacity to play,” the instructor continues, “but you must understand music.”

Each of us has the power to play the game of life with balance, harmony, and pleasure; however, we must first learn the rules and principles.

Lungani Magwaza

Life operates on the basis of principles and physical laws. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to fly an aircraft because there would be no gravity, no electricity, and one-plus-one would not equal two. The universe’s rules are completely trustworthy.

Universal law is not only trustworthy, but it is also unchanging. You can rely on it, and it will always function. In a nutshell, the cosmos will never fail you. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how short you are, how big or slim you are, your religion, country, or whether you are male or female. Power, Force, or Energy is a neutral force that we direct via our own thoughts and beliefs.

Your Word Is Final

This means that your word has the power to change everything. However, you must be aware of these rules. If you don’t know the rules, you can’t make your dreams a reality.

Cause and effect is the underlying principle of all other laws. A situation’s impact or outcome must be equal to its cause, according to the Law of Causation and Effect.

An idea or belief is always the driving force behind anything. Sowing and reaping, or action and response, are two more metaphors for illustrating the Law of Cause and Effect. And in a more modern-day sense, my thoughts are transformed into my outcomes.

Like the sun, the law of cause and effect is non-personal. Standing under the sun allows you to take advantage of the sun’s healing and warming properties. In the shadow, it seems as if the sun isn’t shining on you. What happened to you, then? Who was it that drew you into the shadows? Because of our ignorance, we are unable to see the light of day.

Ignorance as a Challenge

Impersonality is a constant in the Law of Cause and Effect. As a result, we witness a lot of individuals who are generally excellent having a lot of difficulties and tragedies in their life. Someone, at some point in their lives, has abused or misapplied the law. Isn’t implying that he or she is morally depraved? He or she may not be as affectionate as he or she seems to be. That individual has abused the law because of their lack of knowledge or awareness. Any natural rule may benefit from this. Even if you are a nice, loving, and optimistic person, a misunderstanding of gravity’s role may be fatal.

Beliefs to turn into restrictions.

All of our experiences have caused us to believe in particular beliefs about ourselves. It doesn’t matter whether these beliefs are accurate or not; what matters is that we accept them as true. Our words have the power to change the world if we utter them long enough to make them so. Once you’ve made a strong enough public declaration of your limits, you own them. Your life will revolve around your views, no matter how irrational or true they may be.