About Us

Pain and grief covered the world as I looked across, and I was overcome with grief. And I set out on a journey to find the root of the problem. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I was unable to locate it anywhere. Nothing turned up as I searched through my archives. My search led me to the root of the problem, which I discovered to be a product of my own will. I searched a little further this time and discovered the solution. In the end, I discovered just one law, the Law of Love; one life, the life of adjustment to that law; and one truth, the truth of a conquered intellect and an obedient heart. And I had a vision of Utopian Life that would enable everyone, regardless of wealth, education, or background, to uncover the source of all happiness, pleasure, achievement, and truth inside themselves. For a long time, the dream lingered in my mind, and now I send it out into the world on a mission to provide healing and happiness to people who are in need.