40 Positive Affirmations to Add to Your Daily Rotation


For the sake of the world’s future, I believe we need many generations of individuals raised with an anti-war perspective.

You may feel better on the inside no matter what occurs on the outside, thanks to these affirmations. In order to help you cope with challenging circumstances, they are designed to put you in a self-care focused mentality so that external events don’t have as much of an effect on you.

10 positive affAirmation

  1. I am the first step toward peace and stability.
  2. Every day, I stand up for the world and everyone in it with kindness, respect, joy, and caring.
  3. It’s a wonderful environment, and I’m lucky to be able to live in that place.
  4. There is more and more pleasure and joy on Earth every day.
  5. I choose to think that tomorrow will always be better.
  6. I am entitled to a clear blue sky above my head. All people deserve a serene sky over their heads.
  7. I’m aware that propagating violence and hate just increases violence and hatred. When I’m feeling down, I try to channel it into my artistic endeavors in order to let it all go.
  8. I firmly believe that there is enough water, food, shelter, and love for everyone on the planet.
  9. I am safe and secure because of the greater force that is watching over me. Nothing and no one can have an adverse effect on me.
  10. I do the best of my ability, I try to be nice to others and to our world. Others are being inspired by my example to do the same.