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Five Words That Create Results: Words that Create Results

There are five words that create results. I won’t keep you in suspense, so here they are: Relax, Recognize, Realize, Reason, Release. I call these the five “R’s.” 

The Five “R’s” 

The five R’s are part of a five-step creative process that we shall call our Consciousness Conditioning Exercise. The five R’s—Relax,

Recognize, Realize, Reason, and Release – might be compared to a golf swing. To the amateur, the swing appears to be one continuous movement, but it’s actually a combination of many perfectly coordinated steps.

The golfer must set his feet at the exact positions, grasp the club and without taking his eyes off the ball, bring the club back slowly. On his downswing, he gradually accelerates his movement. After he has hit the ball, he still keeps his eye on the spot where the ball has been. Of course, there are many more components of a correct golf swing, but these are given as examples to illustrate a point. 

When he is “off” his game, a golfer can ask an instructor to play a round with him and watch him. If his trouble is body sway, the professional will say, “I see where your trouble is. You are not keeping your body in line. You sway just a little as you make your stroke.

” When the golfer corrects this one step, his shots improve again. Without breaking down the swing into its component parts, the instructor would have found it difficult to know exactly what the golfer was doing incorrectly. For the same purpose, we have broken down the Consciousness Conditioning Exercise into five steps, or the five R’s. These five R’s, when put together as a whole, will alter our consciousness, thereby altering the results that we produce in our life. 


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The first step is to RELAX. Before we can change our consciousness, we must come to a point of physical and emotional relaxation. A tense person simply cannot produce effective results. No matter how well you learn the techniques, the inner tension will nullify the words you speak, because there is a conflict between what you are saying and what you are feeling. All mental and emotional undercurrents enter into the Consciousness Conditioning Exercise. 

It would be in your best interest to learn how to fully relax your mind and body for fifteen minutes each day. One easy and effortless way to do this is through a process of breathing and muscle-flexing. Before you begin, stretch out your body and concentrate on making your muscles as loose as possible.

Then, sitting upright in a chair with your eyes closed, start to inhale and exhale in a slow, comfortable rhythm. You should begin to feel yourself relax. Now, working through the arms, hand, shoulders, back and abdominal areas, and your thighs, calves and feet – flex your muscles by squeezing them and letting them go. A fuller discussion of relaxation exercises can be found in my book, The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence. 

Whatever method you choose, it is essential that you take a few moments each day to take a break from your problems, fears and anxieties to recharge and reprogram yourself with the five R’s contained in this five-step process. So step one is to Relax. 


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The second step is to RECOGNIZE. We must recognize that we are surrounded by a Universal or Creative Mind which contains all Power, all Knowledge and all Wisdom. We know there is Wisdom and Creative Intelligence in this universe. This can be seen in the activity of the planets and the stars.

We know the atom to be a miniature solar system, and we find a curious mathematical exactness in the structure of crystals in cells. We see the wisdom that knows how to build a human body, in approximately nine months, fully equipped to start its earthly life, even though the mother hasn’t the slightest idea of how to build one cell in that child. 

The same Wisdom lies deep within the mental makeup of every individual born into this world. It knows how to keep the heart beating 

with mathematical regularity. It heals a cut by a mysterious chemical process that man does not know how to duplicate. It heals broken bones by arranging for the outpouring of bone cement that welds bones together. The doctor merely sets the bones, and this Wisdom or Creative Intelligence welds it together. This total process speaks to us of an All-knowing Intelligence behind the universe, operating through the universe. 

Observant men and women of all ages have acknowledged this power in different ways. But ultimately, no matter what you choose to call it, this Power does exist. There is not a problem to which this Power does not know the answer. This very same Power has brought into being every cell in the body. It has created every successful life. 

People are beset by problems, but this Power only has answers. It knows nothing of problems. Its knowledge is far beyond anything that man has yet discovered. It knows nothing of incurable diseases, poverty, lack or limitation. As a civilization we are proud of our scientific, medical and technological discoveries. Yet this Power knew them before the foundation of the world. All future inventions and technological and medical advances are at this moment in this Universal Mind or Intelligence. 

The Universal Mind might be compared to an ocean. The ocean currents flow freely through the brains of men and women whose habitual thought is directed by some particular concept or idea. And those men and women catch and register new ideas in line with their thinking. That is why individuals on opposite sides of the earth, who have never known each other can come up simultaneously with the same invention, the same discovery or the same story theme. Each one believes he or she originated the idea, but no human ever originates. He 

or she merely tunes in on ideas carried in the one great Universal Mind. So, in Step Two we want to recognize this Universal Mind exists. 


In Step Three we want to REALIZE that the principle of the Universal Mind to be the principle of our mind. Science has proven that everything – animal, vegetable and mineral – reflects a pattern of energy. Everything is made up of this energy. And we know this energy expresses itself as Intelligence or Mind. We also know that this Mind is creative – it has the ability to create. 

We are an extension of this Universal Mind or Intelligence. Since we cannot be separate from it, we must be ONE with it and share its qualities. This is highly important; since the Universal Mind is the Creator, you and I are the co-creators. This Universal Mind expresses itself through each individual, so essentially we’re all using the one Universal Mind. Just like air.

There isn’t my air and your air; there’s just air, and we are each individually using the air to breathe at the very same time. The same thing is true with the Universal Mind.

There is only one Mind, one Intelligence and we are each using that Universal Mind. Whatever we need to know can be drawn from that one Universal Mind. All the wisdom and knowledge of the universe is within that one Universal Mind and is available to us.

This Creative Intelligence or Universal Mind is the only agency in the Universe that can transform thoughts into things. In fact, it’s always doing that whether we realize it or not. Because of its supportive nature, the one Universal Mind will transform our negative thoughts or positive thoughts into form or reality. 

This Intelligence is absolutely trustworthy. It will never let us down. It is totally dependable because it works on our thoughts. Our mind is an inlet of this creative ocean of Universal Mind. The individual 

might liken it to an electric light bulb. The light manifests through it, but is not produced by it. The Intelligence or Universal Mind manifests through us, but we do not produce it. So in step three we want to realize the principle of the one Universal Mind to be the principle of our mind. Most importantly, that we are ONE with it and not SEPARATE from it. 

Limited as our mind is, it is still part of the one Universal Mind or Intelligence, and it is forever united with it. This Creative Intelligence carrying all the ideas is like an ocean flowing though the brains of men and women.

An ocean has surface and it has depth, and no one can tell where the surface ends and the depth begins. The surface is our conscious mind, and the depth is our subconscious mind. The Universal Mind is expressed through our subconscious mind. What this means is that our subconscious is open at both ends.

At one end it is open to the Universal Mind and Creative Intelligence where we can receive wisdom and guidance, and it is open at the other end for input and programming by us. The combination of the two can create anything that we are willing to accept. 


Next we come to step number four, which is REASON. We have to have a reason to create. We have to have goals and purposes to be creative individuals. In this step, you present your reason or creative purpose to your subconscious. As you have learned, there are two aspects of mind: conscious and subconscious. Like the ocean, the human mind is all one, yet carries within it two distinctively different activities. 

The conscious aspect of mind is the “thinker” and the subconscious is the “prover”. The prover proves and the thinker thinks. But the prover doesn’t care what the thinker thinks.

Its only function is to prove that the thinker is right. If we do not listen to our intuition, which flows from the higher aspect of our subconscious, our input will be totally from our environment.

The combination of listening to our intuition or inner guidance and then programming what we know to be true is what produces the best possible result in our life. 

It is important to know that because your subconscious mind is creative, all ideas, impressions and habitual patterns of thought retained in your memory have a tendency to recreate or perpetuate themselves.

This is a process of mechanical momentum, which manifests as resistance. Thoughts do not have power in themselves, which means that they cannot override your will, but new thoughts do offer resistance to change.

For this reason, you may notice that resistance factor coming up when you decide to change your thought. The resistance factor is usually characterized by self-doubt. Self-doubt is the resistance factor beginning its struggle.

The best way to handle this is to not fight it, but to just observe and then release it. Your thoughts of self-doubt and confusion have no power in themselves unless you give them power. If you don’t give them power by feeding into them, they will be totally harmless, and they will die because of lack of attention. 

The subconscious mind is where all the action takes place, so whatever idea you put into the subconscious and hold to be true will manifest itself as an experience in your life. Now pay attention; your conscious mind, or conscious thought, is directive, but it is not creative.

It has no power. It only expresses your desire. So the conscious mind can give only direction. The subconscious mind has the power, the energy, and the action to make things happen. 

Understand that power cannot give direction to itself. It must have a purposeful disbursement. Otherwise, it is destructive in its action.

The misuse and lack of understanding concerning the nature of the conscious and subconscious accounts for most, if not all, of the confusion, frustration and failure in life. 

For example, if you are straining and you are tense and you are attempting to be forceful with your conscious will, you’re assuming that your will has power. That is a misunderstanding. The will does not have power, so nothing will happen except an overload on your nervous system.

This is a typical misuse of conscious thought. The most common misuse of the subconscious is where the individual is unable to, refuses to, or is afraid to make a decision, which is the responsibility of his or her conscious mind. 

On the other hand, your subconscious cannot decide. It can only respond to decisiveness. It must be told what to do. It cannot and will not think for itself. So we, our conscious selves, must be responsible for making our choices.

Often our choices are made so rapidly that we appear unconscious of the process of choice, but nevertheless, we are always making choices. This power of choice is one of the greatest gifts that we have.

With it comes our ability to select the kinds of experiences that we want to have in our lives. I cannot over emphasize the importance of making choices. After you’ve made your choice and told your subconscious what to do, accept that your subconscious will do the accomplishing.

Always tell your subconscious what to do, but never tell it how to do it. It knows better than you do, because it is connected to the Universal Mind where all the wisdom of the universe resides. 

Your word has power, and if you will speak your word with conviction and authority, your subconscious will act upon it without hesitation. Realize that what you have declared to your subconscious is already yours. You are not speaking your word into a void, but you are impressing it upon the receptive Universal Mind of the universe, and the 

universe will flow into the form of any desire presented to it. This is our reason to create. 


The fifth and final step is RELEASE. To release means to let go. One of the main reasons that people have difficulty using their creative power is because they don’t trust that it works.

If you don’t trust that it is working, you will be unable to release your thoughts and you’ll continue to worry about whether it’s working or not. Whatever we think about, we bring about.

So if you are worrying that something won’t work, you will create the very result you fear. It’s like planting a seed in the ground and going out to the garden every day and digging it up to see if the seed is growing. At some point, you must release the seed to the ground and let it go. 

Someone once asked me what is the hardest part about creating what you want? My reply was “Learning to stop figuring out how you will get it.” If you try to figure out how you will get what you want you will limit yourself to what your ego or conditioned mind can do.

The key to creating what you want is to turn your desire or your goal over to your subconscious which is connected to the Universal Mind or Universal Subconscious and let it bring the goal to you and you to your goal. 

The Creative Principle or Creative Impulse trough quantum physics will draw everything that you need to make your desire a reality, but you have to release the desire and let it go.

The more you are able to let it go the faster your desire will manifest. Don’t get confused here. You are still going to use your goal setting, affirmations and visualizations to support your desire, but your are not going to worry about how it will come to you. Release means to know that once you speak your word the process of creation begins, and whatever you 

desire has already been created and is on the way to you. The goal-setting, affirmations and visualizations are designed to keep you focused on the end result. 

If you’re clear on how the creative process works, you will naturally expect a result. There is no way that it cannot work. You are using the very same creative process out of which everything that has ever been created has come into existence.

Remember, there is no delay in the Universal Mind. The only time factor that exists is between your speaking your word and the acceptance of your desire. Now that’s worth repeating. The only time factor that exists is between your speaking your word and your acceptance of your desire. 

If you experience delay, it means you still have apprehension. If this happens, affirm to yourself that the subconscious is acting creatively on your thoughts and that you expect to see results. If results don’t appear, and there will be times they won’t, it simply means you’ve done one or more of the five steps incorrectly. It takes a little practice.

Just repeat the process until you see results. Recognize that the negative conditions you are experiencing in your life are only distorted thoughts that have taken form. Thought is the cause, and the result or experience in your physical universe or in your life is the effect. 

Consciousness Creates Results 

The purpose of the Consciousness Conditioning Exercise is to replace a false belief system with the Truth. Your subconscious mind must picture what has been given to it in some form. Thought not only influences form, but it also actually becomes form, or effect.

The combination of your conscious and subconscious mind is called consciousness. Consciousness is always the cause of everything in your life. The effects or results that you produce in your life will always 

be equal to the cause. So before any effect can be changed, there must be a change in what caused it. Again, the cause is always consciousness. 

Ultimately, there’s nothing in life but cause and effect. Everything that we experience in life is the result of a cause that we’ve set into motion. There’s always action and reaction, sowing and reaping.

The Law of Mind works with mathematical precision. It’s imperative that we understand the importance of consciousness. Techniques can always be learned, but consciousness must be developed through right thinking. Consciousness is the unfolding of the Real Self or Higher Self within. 

An example of how consciousness works can be demonstrated by the thousands of salespeople who buy courses in salesmanship.

Many of them wonder why their study of these courses does not lead them to produce a significantly greater volume of sales. The problem is that these courses teach the externals and, to a great extent, tend to be manipulative.

They teach how to approach the prospect, how to arouse interest, how to guide the interview toward a decision and how to close the sale. But the most important consideration, which is consciousness, is omitted. One must build a consciousness model before one can be truly creative. In this case, the salesperson must build a consciousness model of what he’s willing to give what he wants to receive through the sales process. 

I once gave a course in salesmanship to a sales organization in a large city. At the beginning I explained I was not going to teach them the mechanics of selling. They had already completed several courses that had taught them that. I said I was going to teach them how to construct a consciousness model to develop an inner attitude or a 

mental blueprint that would enable them to sell without being manipulative and without effort. 

Several weeks after the conclusion of the course, the organization I had worked with reported that their sales had increased over forty percent and that everyone who had attended the program had experienced a substantial increase in production.

They also agreed that this type of training was the most beneficial because they had learned to deal with cause instead of effect. And consciousness is always the cause. 

Power Flows to the Focus of Attention 

At this point, I think we need to discuss the difficulty of constantly maintaining a positive attitude. As human beings, subject to the limitations of our belief system, we find that in spite of our earnest desire to maintain the highest level of thinking, negative thoughts continue to creep up on us.

It sometimes helps to understand this important statement: Power flows to the focus of attention. Let me repeat that: Power flows to the focus of attention. 

An example of this would be if you stood in your front doorway and looked steadily at the number on your neighbor’s house directly across the street. You would see that the number on the house is very distinctive because you’re focusing your attention on it.

But even as you look at it without moving your eyes, you would be conscious of other things on either side of the house. Those other things become increasingly vague as they stretch out more to the right or to the left of the house number that is the focal point of your attention. Let’s examine how this relates to the thought process. 

You have a central consciousness and a marginal consciousness, just as you have central vision and marginal vision. In your consciousness, there are those things of which you are vividly aware. 

These are your dominant thoughts. In your marginal consciousness, there are those things of which you are vaguely aware. The marginal thoughts, even if they are negative, do not control your behavior.

What controls your behavior and your life is your central consciousness or your dominant thoughts. Now pay attention to this. You will have a tendency to attract those things that you love, fear, or steadily expect, that is, those things that you are holding in your central consciousness. Please read it again! 

The purpose of the five-step creative process is to change your central consciousness or your dominant thoughts. It’s a statement of your beliefs and “knowing”. You see, knowing is higher than believing. Knowing means that there is no doubt. You have total certainty.   You can have beliefs but beliefs can sill be accompanied by doubt. 

When you KNOW something is true or real, you have no doubt. Not the slightest! You know that when you speak your word with conviction and authority, there is a definite movement in mind, a direction to accomplish a definite end. That what you desire is ALREADY accomplished, even before it appears in your physical reality. You know that the Law of Mind is obedient.

It is as obedient as the law of electricity. It’s worth repeating that knowing is always higher than belief, and the best possible results are produced when we know and declare the truth about ourselves and others. 

So the five words that create results are Relax, Recognize, Realize, Reason and Release. Let’s put them together in a 

Consciousness Conditioning Exercise that we can use as a model. Here then are the five steps combined into one process. 

The first step is Relax. Choose a method that works best for you. Allow your mind and body to fully relax for fifteen minutes. The benefits of total relaxation are enormous. After you are relaxed, you may proceed to step two. The second step is to Recognize. 

You would say, “I recognize that there is only One Universal Creative Mind.” The third step is you would Realize, and you would say, “I realize there can be no separation in Universal Mind.

Therefore, my mind is part of the Universal Creative Mind, and when I speak my word, Universal mind acts upon my word without hesitation.” In the fourth step you would Reason. So you would say, “I am convinced my word has power.

I firmly believe this and I now speak my word “that…” And you would affirm your end goal or result that you desire. The fifth step is Release. You would say “I release, I let go and I allow the Creative Universal Mind to work through me.

No past mistakes hinder or obstruct me. Procrastination and interference do not exist in my life. There is no delay in the Universal Mind and I therefore know and expect results right now. I’m willing to give up anything that hinders my desire.

I am impelled, and compelled, to act upon every increasing opportunity to bring forth this desire. And so it is.” So let’s put this all together and see what it sounds like: 

I recognize that there is only One Universal Creative Mind. I realize there can be no separation in the Universal Mind. Therefore, my mind is part of the Universal Creative Mind, and when I speak my word the Universal Mind acts upon my word without hesitation.

I am convinced my word has power. I firmly believe this and I now speak my word “ that…” I release, I let go and I allow the Creative Universal Mind to work through me. No past mistakes hinder or obstruct me. 

Procrastination and interference do not exist in my life, there is no delay in the Universal Mind, and I therefore know and expect results right now. I’m willing to give up anything that hinders my desire. I am impelled and compelled to act upon every increasing opportunity to bring forth this desire. And so it is. 

This Consciousness Conditioning Exercise has been carefully constructed to produce the best possible results because it’s based on the Creative Principle of Mind. Take the time to use it and you will notice a significant increase in your ability to produce results. You will begin to realize more and more that your word has power.

When you speak your word, something happens. You have been using this principle all your life whether you are aware of it or not. The difference is now you can channel or focus it to produce the results you desire. Again, do not be fooled by its simplicity. This would be a big mistake.

You now have a very powerful tool that will enable you to create what you want easier and faster, because you will be consciously co-operating and flowing with the Creative Principle of Mind. 

Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony

The works of Dr Robert Anthony are some of the best kept secrets on the Law of Attraction. Operating without the massive self-promotion and razzmatazz that so often accompanies other ‘Personal Development’ teachers, Dr Anthony has nevertheless provided a guiding direction to some of the most successful people on the planet.

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