Truth as Awakener

Truth As Awakener

The Divine Companion. By James Allen The James Allen Free Library

Truth as Awakener

REJOICE ! for the Morning has dawned :
The Truth has awakened us ;
We have opened our eyes and, the dark night of error is no more.
Long have we slept in matter and Sensation ;
Long did we struggle in the painful nightmare of evil;
But now we are awake in Spirit and Truth:

We have found the Good, and the struggle with evil is ended:
We slept, yet knew not that we slept:
We suffered, yet knew not why we suffered:
We were troubled in our dreaming, yet none could awake us, for all were dreaming like ourselves ;
Then there came a pause in our dreaming ;
Our sleep was stayed ;

Truth spoke to us, and we heard ;
And lo ! we opened our eyes, and saw.
We slumbered and saw not;
We slept and knew not;
But now we are awake and see;

Yea, we know we are awake because we have seen Holiness, and we love sin no more;
We have beheld Truth, and error has ceased to attract us.
Yea, we have seen the Truth !
Not as a dream in the night, but as a Reality with our awakened eyes ;
As a beautiful land afar have we seen it,

And we shall press forward until we reach and possess it.
How beautiful is Truth!
How glorious is the Realm of Reality !
How Ineffable is the bliss of Holiness !
We have abandoned error for truth and illusion for Reality.
We have turned our backs on error and confusion,
And have set our faces towards the harmony of Justice and Truth.

To sin is to dream,
And to love sin is to love darkness.
The awakened do not prefer dreaming to intelligent action ;
They do not choose darkness rather than light.
They who love darkness are involved in the darkness;
They have not yet seen the light.

He who has seen the light does not choose to walk in darkness.
To see the Truth is to love it, and in comparison error has no beauty,
The dreamer is now in pleasure, now in pain ;
This hour in confidence, the next in fear.
He is without stability and has no abiding refuge.

When the monsters of remorse and retribution pursue him, whither can he fly ?
There is no place of safety unless he awake.
Let the dreamer struggle with his dream ;
Let him strive to realise the illusory nature of all self-seeking desire,
And lo! he will open his spiritual eyes upon the world of Light and Truth;
He will awake, and will see all things in their right relations and true proportions ;
He will be happy, sane, and peaceful seeing things as they are.

Truth is the light of universe, the day of the mind ;
In it there is no error, no anguish, and no fear.
He who has awakened into the light of day is no more burdened with the troubles of his dreams.
They are remembered as dreams only as illusions that are dispelled.
The unawakened one knows neither waking nor dreaming;
He is in confusion, he knows not himself;

Neither knows he others, and his judgment is without knowledge.
The awakened one knows both waking and dreaming;
He is established in wisdom;
Knowing himself, he knows others, and he judges with knowledge.
He is the understander, the knower of hearts,
And, walking in the light of Truth, he knows that every dreamer will at last awake.

Truth awakens us out of the slumber of ignorance,
Out of the deep sleep of sin.
It calls, and they who hear and awake, become wise and blessed.
Truth appears to men, and they see it not.
It calls to them, and they hear not.
It speaks to them through their actions,

It cries aloud to them in their sufferings,
It shines upon them in all their ways,
But they hear not, neither do they see,
For their ears are deaf in slumber, and their eyes are holden with sleep.
Truth is manifest in the actions of the wise,
Its light illuminates their precepts,

But the sleeper in error has no eyes for the manifest,
And the light of Truth, falling upon his
sleeping lids, calls forth no visual response.
Where there is no understanding, the repetition of precepts is vain.
Right comprehension is needed.
The sinless mind is the seeing mind.

He who has right comprehension interprets the divine precepts by the light of his own spotless deeds.
He does not repeat in error, but understands by the Spirit of Truth.
And this is the Spirit of Truth,–
To be free from sin to abide in good deeds, and to live in peace with all.
They that do evil, know not the Truth.
The Truth is in them that do good.

The deeds of Truth shine like the stars at night, dispelling darkness.
Truth reveals the everlasting Good;
It turns night to day, and changes the appearance of all things,
So that sin and sorrow are not, and evil is no more.


We are awake, and see !
And we know we are awake because we see Good.
And we know we are of the Spirit of Good because our lusts have departed from us,
And the bondage of hatred is broken. We are wedded to purity;
We have put on the Raiment of Righteousness,

And we serve the Spirit of Love;
Therefore are we awake ;
Therefore we know that truth has roused us from the sleep of evil.
We are free and happy because we walk in the Light.
And we see all things clearly in that Light ;

And we know the way we walk and whither we go.
But when our lusts affrighted us and hatred enchained us ;
When darkness enfolded us, and the dream of evil held us,
Then were we bound and miserable ;
We saw only our fitful dreams ;

We knew not the way we walked, nor whither we went.
He that hates men as evil is in sin,
And he that is in sin is unawakened.
The awakened one is the lover of all men, and there is no hatred in him,
And this is the sign that he has awakened in the Truth–
That he loves them that hate him.

Truth ends the dream of evil ;
It dispels the illusions of hatred ;
It liberates the sleeper from darkness and dreams.
Awake, Ye that sleep in error !
Rouse yourselves, Ye that dream in sin !

The splendour of a higher life is round about you,
Even the life of Good. Open your eyes, and see.
Be alert, and listen that ye may hear the call of Truth,
Even the Voice of the Great Awakener.

James Allen

James Allen

James Allen was born, on 28th November 1864, at 21, Brunswick Street, Leicester. His mother, Martha Allen, formerly Whalton, or Whotton, aged 37 years, registered the birth of her eldest son, on December 2nd with an ‘X’, the mark of the mother.

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