Do you consider yourself a success or a failure? It seems to me that the majority of failures in life of ours are nothing more or less than victims of their own mental attitudes. There isn’t any philosophy of life by which a person can achieve things that he doesn’t believe he can achieve. Yet the way always seem to open up for the person to achieve things that he doesn’t believe he can achieve. Yet the way always seems to open up for the person of determination, the person of faith and courage. It’s the victorious mental attitude, the consciousness of power and the sense of inner mastership that does the great things in our world. If you don’t have this mental attitude, why not begin today to cultivate it?

In this constantly changing world of ours, with its complex forces all about us, we sometimes cry out that we’re driven by the force of circumstance and yet, the Truth of it is, that we only do those things which we choose to do. Even though we may not want to go a certain way, we allow ourselves to go that way because it seems to offer the least resistance. We follow that path which is easier to follow, even thought we know it will probably bring further discomfort and difficulties. We’re always at the crossroads of decision, in business dealings, in our family relationships, in our life, world and affairs. There’s always a necessity to choose and how important it is that we make the right choice.

You see, once we realize that the power to overcome any problem lies within us, we stop looking to other people or to circumstances outside us for help. When we begin to call intelligently on our Self, the inner Self of us, we find that we begin to tune in to an Inner Resource of mental power. The secret of that power is understanding the resource of our own thinking processes, our own attitudes. When we begin to realize that the power to do anything, to be what we want to be, to obtain anything that we want to attain, is within ourselves, then and then only, do we begin to live the life of success which is ours! I believe that nothing great has ever been achieved except by people who dared to believe that there was, inside them, some Power greater, superior indeed, to any circumstance, which faced them.

Now I’m sure that any person that’s believed this has been ridiculed by friends and neighbors; they’ve probably thought him or her to be some kind of fool, just as many people do today. They think it’s foolish and so they go on with their daily grind, living with sickness and lack until death comes along, almost as an anticlimax and a relief.

Are you going to be one of those people, or are you going to listen to that Inner Power which is yours?

Begin to use the constructive power of your mind. Use your power of vision, because your thinking is the current that runs this motor of power. Connect your thinking powers to this Universal Subconscious and you become a powerful person. Try it. You will find that you’re discovered the key to the solution of every problem in your life.

Put simply, it means this: You can do anything you think that you can do if you think hard enough that you can do it! Let me say that again: You can do anything you think you can do if you will think hard enough that you can do it. Victory in any circumstances, success, comes first in the mind. See yourself as achieving that desire and it shall be yours.

Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony

The works of Dr Robert Anthony are some of the best kept secrets on the Law of Attraction. Operating without the massive self-promotion and razzmatazz that so often accompanies other ‘Personal Development’ teachers, Dr Anthony has nevertheless provided a guiding direction to some of the most successful people on the planet.

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