Setting up Your Higher self Main Priority



Your number one priority in life is the expansion of your awareness. By expanding your awareness, you will remove the “mistaken certainties” that have been keeping you from being the self-confident person you would like to be. Setting up Your Higher self Main Priority by:

  1. Ceasing to automatically and arbitrarily defend your personal viewpoints of “right” and “wrong.” Defending them keeps you in ignorance by blocking
    the reception of new ideas.
  2. Reassessing your concepts, values, beliefs, ideals, assumptions, defenses, aggressions, goals, hopes and compulsions.
  3. Reorganizing and understanding your real needs and motivations.
  4. Learning to trust your intuition.
  5. Observing your mistakes and trying to correct them, being aware that herein lie some of the most valuable lessons you’ll ever learn.
  6. Loving yourself and others.
  7. Learning to listen without prejudging and automatically thinking, “This is good;” “That is bad.” Training yourself to listen to WHAT is being said without the necessity of believing it.
  8. Noticing what you are defending most of the time.
  9. Realizing that your new awareness will provide you with the means and motivation to change for the better.

Begin to ask yourself, “Are my beliefs rational?” “Could I be mistaken?” If another person held your beliefs, you would be able to be very objective. You would, no doubt, present a convincing case of why they may be wrong. Learn to view your own beliefs in this manner. Question EVERYTHING and draw your own conclusion only after you have considered all the possibilities.

There is a positive answer only when the individual is willing to fulfill the demands of rigorous self-examination and self-knowledge. If he follows through his intention, he will not only discover some important truth about himself, but will have gained a psychological advantage. He will set his hand, as it were, to a declaration of his own human dignity and taken the first step towards the foundation of his onsciousness

Carl Jung
  • Carl Jung

Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony

The works of Dr Robert Anthony are some of the best kept secrets on the Law of Attraction. Operating without the massive self-promotion and razzmatazz that so often accompanies other ‘Personal Development’ teachers, Dr Anthony has nevertheless provided a guiding direction to some of the most successful people on the planet.

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