Putting the Odds in your Favor


 Putting the Odds in your Favor is concerned with winning the most important game of all – the Game of Life! If you are determined to create a rewarding job or career opportunity, to succeed in your relationships, to become financially secure, and to enjoy a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being, this book can assist you in becoming a Winner in all these areas.

The path to winning is reasonably straight. There are, however, a number of obstacles that need to be overcome along the way. For some, theseobstacles may seem insignificant. For others, they may appear to be insurmountable.

Whatever your own feelings might be, you can be sure they have been greatly influenced by your childhood programming – whatever your parents, friends, teachers, religious leaders and peer groups have programmed you to believe about yourself. Their influence has profoundly affected your odds of winning at any endeavor you choose to undertake.


To understand what it takes to beat the odds against losing, you must first understand what it takes to be a Winner. Contrary to popular belief, winning is NOT a matter of luck. Winning is an attitude.
For the purpose of this study, we will divide the general population into three specific categories:

  1. Winners
  2. Losers
  3. Non-Winners

WINNER – This is a person who has what he wants. He is someone who is accustomed to achieving his goals. In the end, he achieves whatever he sets out to accomplish.

LOSER – This is a person who doesn’t have what he wants, but has good “reasons” why he doesn’t have it. He feels he is a “victim” of people, circumstances and conditions. If asked, he will generally admit he feels “trapped” or “stuck”.

NON-WINNER – This is a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to be a Winner, but who lacks the necessary knowledge and skills to go

from where he is, to where he wants to be. A Non-Winner realizes that whatever is happening in his life is a situation of his own making.

He does not blame family, friends, and some historical event in his life, his environment or God for his present situation. Nor does he blame himself.

He realizes that through greater knowledge and desire, he can make some significant changes. Recognizing his present situation as a temporary one, he is willing to do whatever is necessary to get on the path that leads to winning.

If you are not presently a Winner, you are either a Loser or a Non- Winner. As a loser, you cannot have what you want until you are willing to take the first step. This requires giving up all excuses or “reasons” for not having what you want.

It also means no longer identifying with or attempting to justify your “victim” status. Once a Loser is able to do this, he will automatically move up into the Non-winner category. As a Non- Winner, it now becomes possible to practice and eventually master the necessary skills to become a Winner.


The initial starting point on the path to winning is the willingness to pay the price for what you want. What separates Losers from Winners is the Loser’s compulsive needs for immediate gratification.

Losers are reluctant to invest their time, effort and money in advance unless they can be assured of an immediate return. Winners, on the other hand, are willing to pay the price in advance, knowing they can only receive in direct proportion to what they are willing to expend.


The willingness to expend time, money and energy to have what you want requires to strong desire. The more you desire to go from being a Loser or Non-Winner to a Winner, the less likely you will accept anything else.

When desire meets opportunity, exciting things begin to happen! If you have never been able to accept this, or even to recognize opportunity for what it is, it is undoubtedly because you have been concentrating on something else.

Perhaps you have allowed yourself to become preoccupied with a lot of negative input – all the “reasons” why something may not work. Negative thinking takes thought and energy, and in the end, it may take all you have.

Negative thoughts generate fear, anxiety and discouragement. Once you allow these negative thoughts to become dominant beliefs, they are certain to undermine your plans, and failure is the inevitable result. You literally end up sabotaging your ability to become a Winner.

Desire, on the other hand, is a creative force. It helps you to accept what you want to accomplish and it inspires enthusiasm. The sum total of your beliefs determines your ability to succeed. Remember, “As a man thinketh, in his heart, so is he.”


Beating the odds means making the necessary changes to turn those odds in your favor. Whether you realize it or not, success, or the lack of it is absolutely predictable. We always have two choices. One is to accept

success as the natural order of things. The other is to accept failure in the same way.

If we do not choose to activate our inner success mechanism, our failure mechanism will automatically become engaged since it is already programmed in our consciousness through past conditioning. To adopt a winning attitude is to make sure that your failure mechanism doesn’t take control of your life.


By nature, we are not victims but creators, and all creation begins with belief. In this case, if you believe something will work, you will see opportunities. If you believe something will not work, you will see obstacles.

The problem with seeing only obstacles is that you tend to add other obstacles to them.

For example, I recently met with a man who was concerned about his overall health. His rather sedentary life had caused him to gain some undesired weight and because he had been feeling unusually lethargic and depressed, he had gone to see his doctor.

“My doctor told me I needed to adopt a physical fitness program,” he said, almost as if a death sentence had been pronounced for him. “The thing is, I really hate to exercise! Even so, I went out and priced some good exercise equipment, which created another problem.

The good stuff is pretty expensive. Lately, I’ve been thinking about taking up some form of passive exercise, you know, something like walking – but the thing is, I’m always pressed for time.

Then too, it’s really hard to get into that kind of thing if you’re not athletically inclined. The way I figure it, there isn’t much point in trying to be something that you’re not. Oh well, nobody lives forever!”

I was extremely amused, and very nearly laughed aloud at how quickly this person was able to talk himself OUT of the need to exercise and INTO an early grave. Although this type of reasoning was certainly not new to me, quite frankly, I have never seen it accomplished with such incredible speed!

We concluded our conversation that day by discussing the manner in which a negative can sometimes turn into a positive.

I suggested that this man look beyond his own immediate dislike for exercise, and that he try to find something beneficial (an opportunity) in what he perceived to be an unobtainable objective (an obstacle).

I did not really expect to hear from him again, but one day I did. He sounded excited and enthusiastic on the phone.

We met for lunch and I noticed at once that he was slimmer and trimmer, and that he seemed extremely energetic and alive! “I did what you suggested,” he said, causing me to wonder what part I had actually played in all of this. Before I could ask, he told me the rest of the story.

“It occurred to me that there are any number of people who hate to exercise, just as I do. I figured that there must be other types of exercise that would be beneficial, but not as strenuous as aerobic classes, weight lifting or running.

So, I went to the library and checked out everything I could find on the subject. With the information I gathered I put together a special physical fitness class based on Tai Chi, which is a non- strenuous exercise.

Tai Chi is easy to do and builds up strength and endurance. It is an excellent way to shape and strengthen the body.

“I then ran an ad in the paper that was specifically worded to attract people who felt they needed an exercise program but were the non- physical types. I received dozens of calls. The first night of the class, a

total of twenty-one people showed up. I’m charging them thirty-five dollars for a ten-week class. Can you believe it! Now I’m actually being paid to keep myself in shape and to help others do the same!”

As I listened to this story, I thought again how quickly, how easily an obstacle can be turned into an opportunity.

  • Do you see any way of applying this man’s experiences to your own life?
  • Are there some obstacles in your life that can be turned into opportunities?
  • If so, why not start now by viewing your obstacles as hidden opportunities for success?


As you make the transition from a Loser to a Non-Winner to a Winner, you will invariably receive advice from others on what you “should” do and the probability of your success if you are smart enough to heed their advice.

With all this advice available, and most of it free, it is important to examine the source and validity of the advice to determine if it is true or false.

Ask yourself: “Is the person who is giving me this advice a Winner?” This is especially important if you are presently living a Loser life-script.

Unfortunately, Losers don’t listen to Winners. They tend to take their advice from other Losers. They frequently take their financial advice from well-meaning family and friends who can’t pay their bills.

They discuss marital problems with those who rarely, if ever, manage to make a success of their relationships.

They discuss their plans, dreams and goals with those who have never achieved much, and whose fears will naturally cause them to discourage any idea that involves risk, imagination or delayed gratification.

One of the games Losers play is to make sure other potential Winners stay stuck where they are. Losers are not in the habit of letting other Losers win.

If they allowed them to win, it would force them to realize that their opinions and ideas are invalid. Losers would rather be “right” about their reasons for losing, than to be “wrong” about their ideas for not winning. That’s why they stay Losers.

The best advice I can give you is to start listening to Winners. And the first thing a Winner is apt to caution you about is the negativity of others.

“Don’t expect to be understood,” a Winner may well be inclined to say. ”No one can possibly feel what you are feeling, or want what you want, or achieve something in quite the same way that you can.

Expect others to be blind to your vision since they can’t really identify with it. But that doesn’t make it wrong.”

When you first start out on the path to winning, it is important to understand that what is wrong for someone else is not necessarily wrong for you.

As long as you are honest and sincere in your desires, and also well-intentioned, you have every right to pursue your dream and should never let the advice of a Loser convince you that you are wrong for wanting what you want.


In the film industry, the call is generally for “Lights! Camera! Action!” In your own life, it is much the same. Once the light of some new idea has focused itself firmly in your mind, your mind’s eye (the camera) begins to visualize what you are actually trying to achieve.

After that, it’s time to take action! But nothing will happen unless you are motivated to take action.

A Loser must be motivated to change into a Non-Winner. A Non-Winner must be motivated to change into a Winner. Unfortunately, most people are “Deficiency Motivated,” which simply means that they believe that there is actually something wrong with them, that they are deficient in some way.

The truth is that there is nothing deficient or wrong with you. The deficiency is in your belief about yourself. The problem is not with WHO YOU ARE, but rather with WHAT YOU HAVE ACCEPTED FOR YOURSELF.

The reason you may feel deficient or inadequate to change your Loser life-script to that of a Winner is that you may have accepted the idea that what you want is not really possible for you.


The starting point of any change is the belief that it is possible to change. Yet, so many people find it difficult to make positive changes. The reason for this is that we have been programmed or “convinced” that we are powerless. Powerlessness comes from a “No I can’t deficiency belief system.

It has been estimated that by the age of eighteen, the average person has heard the word “NO!” over 150,000 times! That is enough to establish a Loser pattern. Researchers have also estimated that approximately 75 percent of everything we think about is thought of in a negative, self- defeating or counterproductive way.

Year after year we continue to be inundated with negative messages that gradually become part of our life- script. Not surprisingly, we begin doing it to ourselves. On a daily basis, we begin chipping away at our confidence and self-esteem in a truly demoralizing way.

If you are going to put the odds in your favor and turn your life into a winning pattern, you must stop allowing any “You can’t” or “I can’t” thoughts to dominate your consciousness. Simply put – “If you think you can – you CAN! If you think you can’t – you CAN’T! Either way, you will be right!”


You may think you life is so full of problems that you will never solve them all. And you’re right! But the problem is not the problem. Not only is there nothing wrong with you, but there is nothing wrong with having problems.

A problem is simply the difference between where you are and where you want to be. Problems are what fill in the space between the starting point and the end result, or goal. You are always going to have problems because once you solve one, another will fill in that space! That isn’t good or bad. It’s simply the way it is!

The only people who don’t have problems are those who are buried in cemeteries. Problems signify our need for change. Sometimes the world seems crazy because there are so many problems.

But it has been that way since the beginning of time. Every generation thought their problems were worse than those of the generation before them. The truth is, no one’s problems are worse than anyone else’s. They’re just different!


Everything in the universe, including you, is constantly undergoing change. Since change is inevitable, it should be welcomed instead of

feared. People are baffled, confused, even panicked by the idea of change. Their major aim in life is to see how few changes they can make while holding onto what they have.

As if such a thing were even possible! Wherever you are in the course of your life, I promise you that it is already undergoing change. Some of it is obvious and some of it gradual, subtle in a way you can barely perceive.

Another interesting thing about change – particularly as it relates to our lives – is that it always seems to imply something bad. A change in personal relationships, or in one’s employment or financial situation, is generally anticipated in a negative light.

As if such circumstances or conditions could only get worse – never better! Why do you think people make this assumption? Again, it goes back to our belief about change.

Something only you can change. Ah yes, there is that ugly word again! But in this case, change is a positive word, one that will assist you in becoming a Winner at almost everything you do.


Who is responsible for what :

  • Your happiness?
  • Your success?
  • Your health?
  • Your finances?
  • What do you think?

Although it may be more comforting to believe that your parents, your boss, your mate, your environment, or society in general is responsible for what you have or don’t have, the truth is that you have created everything in your life through your choices.

Your choices make you the person you are. You consciously and unconsciously make choices that determine what you experience. What you have inside of you is not the result of what somebody put there.


Let’s use an orange as an example. If you squeeze an orange, what do you get? You get what’s inside. It doesn’t take a mental giant to figure out that you will get orange juice. Why? Because THAT’S WHAT IS INSIDE!

Using the same analogy, if you squeeze a person, what do you get? YOU GET WHAT’S INSIDE. If there is a Loser pattern inside, then the outside life pattern will be that of a Loser. So, it isn’t the who, what or how that causes you to be the way you are.

It is your acceptance of certain beliefs that cause you to behave the way you do. Keep in mind that if you don’t hold something inside of you, it can never come out! If you don’t keep negative beliefs inside of you, they can never affect your life.

Start now by realizing that everything that is happening to you at this moment – you have a voice in! You can change anything you want if you are motivated enough. The motivation must be to let go of any Loser patterns and substitute them with Winner patterns.

Changing your life- script, which we will discuss in detail in later chapters, does this. For now, you must begin by accepting that change is not only necessary but also entirely possible. And who is responsible for that change? You guessed it. It’s YOU!


Responsibility and Change. Two works that often cause fear in the hearts of those who should actually be delighted that such an option exists. Contrary to popular opinion, responsibility does not imply a duty or burden.

It is actually our willingness to accept life and to fulfill ourselves according to our individual talents and desires. Responsibility is also

closely linked to our determination to succeed. OUR determination, not someone else’s.

When you were a child, you may have expressed a desire to become a teacher, writer, police officer, nurse, or entrepreneur.

  • Can you remember your parents’ reactions to what you had expressed?
  • Were they supportive or were they determined to change your mind?

In the end, someone’s determination won out. Perhaps it was yours. Perhaps it was theirs. If you ended up becoming a doctor because other members of your family had chosen that profession, it is highly possible that you are not happy today. In fact, you would fit our description of a Loser, even if you are a very good doctor.

While others may look up to you, you will always feel like a Loser because you did not assume responsibility for becoming what you really wanted to be. The sad fact is that a great majority of people fall into this category and, in later years, they tend to speak fondly of an earlier “lost” dream.

“It was always an impractical idea,” they will say in their own defense. “I mean – my chances of actually becoming a (fill in the blank) were not realistic. Still, I’ve often wondered how things might have worked out if I had pursued such a career. Oh well, I guess I’ll never know”.

Do you know anyone like this? Is it you? Are you beginning to see that we are responsible for the choices we make? If so, I urge you to accept the idea that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE.


Changing your life-script from that of a Loser to that of a Non-Winner to that of a Winner is something that you can do with knowledge and

determination. It won’t be difficult unless you CHOOSE to make it difficult. I’ll remind you again – everything is a choice.

The best advantage you can make is to BET ON YOURSELF. You can be sure that by betting on yourself, you can put the odds of success in your favor.

It is not a matter of luck but a matter of taking advantage of chance opportunities that are constantly available if we know how to recognize them.

Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony

The works of Dr Robert Anthony are some of the best kept secrets on the Law of Attraction. Operating without the massive self-promotion and razzmatazz that so often accompanies other ‘Personal Development’ teachers, Dr Anthony has nevertheless provided a guiding direction to some of the most successful people on the planet.

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