Morning Thoughts – There is no difficulty – Day 28

Morning Thoughts - There Is No Difficulty - Day 28

Morning Thoughts – There is no difficulty – Day 28

There is no difficulty, however great, but
will yield before a calm and powerful
concentration of thought, and no
legitimate object but may be speedily
actualized by the intelligent use and
direction of one’s soul forces.

Whatever your task may be,
concentrate your whole mind upon it;
throw into it all the energy of which you
are capable. The faultless completion of
small tasks, leads inevitably to larger tasks.

See to it that you rise by steady
climbing, and you will never fall.

James Allen

James Allen

James Allen was born, on 28th November 1864, at 21, Brunswick Street, Leicester. His mother, Martha Allen, formerly Whalton, or Whotton, aged 37 years, registered the birth of her eldest son, on December 2nd with an ‘X’, the mark of the mother.

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