Life is Not a struggle it’s a game.

Life Is Not A Struggle It'S A Game.

Life is Not a struggle it’s a game.

Most people think of life as a struggle. It’s not a struggle, it’s a game.

If you don’t know about spiritual law, you can’t play the game well. The Old and New Testaments make the rules of the game very clear. That was a great game of giving and getting.

If someone plants something, “he will also reap.” So what a person says or does will come back to him; what he gives, he’ll get back. This is what this means:

Give hate, and you’ll get hate back; give love, and you’ll get love; give criticism, and you’ll get criticism; if you lie, you’ll be told, and you’ll be told. If you cheat, you’ll get caught. Besides that, we are also told that the brain’s ability to think about things is very important in the game of life.

Keep a close eye on your heart (or imagination), because it is from there that life comes. At 4:23, Proverbs says:

When a person thinks about something, it usually shows up in his actions. I know of a man who was afraid of a certain disease. It was a very rare disease that was hard to get, but he kept picturing it and reading about it until it turned up in his body and killed him.

So, in order to play the game of life well, we need to work on our ability to see. “Every righteous desire of his heart” comes into his life when he has a brain that only sees good things.

his most important things: health and wealth and love and friends. Perfect self-expression and his best ideas.