Imagine being totally free from any worries.

Is it really possible to eliminate all your worries? Absolutely! In fact, this book will show you how to eliminate all your worries and create the life you desire.

Although you will find the information easy to understand, you may find that your mind will cause you to resist many of the concepts. At the very least, you may be skeptical.

The key to eliminating worry forever and creating the life you desire is to understand how your mind works and how it can deceive you as well as serve you.


Imagine you were born with a pair of dark green sunglasses – you’ve had them on your whole life. Now imagine you are looking at a sheet of white paper. What color would you say it is? Green, of course. One day someone comes along and looks at the paper and tells you it is White.

What would you say? You would tell them that they are wrong? They don’t know what the are talking about? They had better go and get their eyes checked or something even more direct!

Would it matter how excitedly or enthusiastically they told you it was white? No. In fact, there is literally no hope, no possibility that you could see it as white as long as you wear your green sunglasses. You couldn’t see it even if you wanted to as long as you have the glasses on.

Now, if you discover you have these glasses on, you could take them off. Literally, in just a fraction of a second, you could see what you could not see before – the color white. This book is about helping you to see the color white.


Your old conditioning and the insidious methods the mind uses to hold you back have awesome potential power. These insidious methods are doubt, fear and worry. They have the power to bring you everything that you don’t want in your life and keep everything that you do want just out of your reach.

When the mind resists change, doubt begins to creep in. Doubt causes fear which in turn causes worry. The combination of doubt, fear and worry can strike at any time. However, you can and must take control of them if you ever hope to create the life you desire.

In this book I will offer you a new way to easily and effortlessly eliminate worry and create anything you desire in your life. It is based on proven psychological and metaphysical techniques and timeless principles for success. It will reveal how your thoughts and emotions attract and control

your results or experiences. It will show you how you can remove the obstacles or blockages that cause you to worry and in turn have kept you from creating what you really desire.

Do these techniques really work? The only proof is the results you will experience if you use them. I can tell you about them, but nothing will be as convincing as using them and seeing your own results.


Let me begin by asking you a couple of important questions. How do we get what we get in life? And, why do some people seem to have it all while others suffer?

Have you ever asked yourself these same questions? Did it ever strike you as odd that as human beings we are intelligent enough to achieve advanced technological and medical breakthroughs, yet we are still struggling to create the life we want. How did we get into this mess? Where did we go wrong? If you think about it, it makes no sense.

We have been conditioned to believe that struggle and worry is normal. That’s just the way life is. We also see struggle and worry as “reality”. But our “reality” is not reality. It is only real because we make it real. What we call “reality” is nothing more than our own creation of what we believe to be true.

Let’s face it, most people haven’t a clue how they get what they get in life. Their life is just one long series of struggles and worries. Look at your life. First, there is probably a long list of things you want, but never get, or worse yet, never ever hope to get. Then I’d be willing to bet there is an even longer list of things you don’t want; yet you seem to get on a regular basis. No wonder you worry most of the time!

Why is this so? The real problem is we have all been taught backwards when it comes to creating what we want. Some of us just blame “fate” or “chance” and say, “That’s the way life is”. But is that really true? Probably the most destructive thing we have been taught is that life is nothing more than a series of circumstances that we call “fate” or “chance”.

In other words, if we were born rich, we got a lucky break. If we were born poor and struggle, this is our destiny. If we find happiness, then we are just lucky. If someone steals our money or physically assaults us, it was just fate or bad luck.

We have also been taught that we can only succeed through hard work. That action is the key to success. The more we do, do, do, the harder we work, work, work, then if we are lucky, we just might end up successful.



In addition to believing in fate, luck, chance, struggle and hard work, we have been systematically programmed to always focus on what’s wrong 

with everything! What’s wrong with our jobs, with the car we drive, with our relationship, with our children, with our friends, with the way we dress, with our body, our health, the planet, our entertainment, our government. The list is endless.

We are taught to go through life and focus on what’s “wrong” so that we can change it and make it “right”. However, this is impossible because as a human race we still are unable to collectively agree on what is “right” and what is “wrong”. Since we can’t agree on “right” and “wrong”, our solution is to go to war to kill each other because we believe we are “right” and they are “wrong”. This also gives us an excuse to strike, demonstrate and make laws against “right” and “wrong”. And, in our personal lives, we feel the need go into therapy to figure out what is “right” or “wrong” about ourselves.

On top of all this we say, “You just have to take the good with the bad, the ups with the downs, make sure people don’t cheat us, work hard, do things right, hope for a break, because that’s the way life is”. Nonsense! That simply is NOT the way life is. That’s the way we CREATE our lives.

So what’s really happening here? Let’s look at the big picture.


Everything comes to us by the most elemental law of physics – LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!

And since most of us are not too happy with what we have created in our lives, we have become highly gifted masters at attracting an over abundance of circumstances that we would rather not have.

Like Attracts Like is nothing more than the Law of Attraction. It is absolute and has nothing to do with your personality, your religious beliefs, being a “good” or a “bad” person or anything else. No one lives beyond this Law. It is an irrefutable law of the universe.

You may not have realized until now that this Law applies to your life and every other person’s life on the planet. The Law of Attraction, like all laws, is impartial and impersonal, which means it works when you want it to and when you don’t want it to.

So the first principle I want to share with you in eliminating worry is to understand that everything you experience in your life is invited, attracted and created by you. There are no exceptions.

That may not be good news if your life is not going the way you want it to. Most people do not like to hear this. In fact, in my seminars and in my personal coaching sessions when I say everything you experience in your life is invited, attracted and created by you, I am often met with resistance. This is because most people have situations in their life, now or in the past, that they claim that they do not, or did not want.

And so when I say, everything you experience in your life is invited, attracted and created by you, they put up resistance by saying, “I disagree, I would never have invited this situation into my life”. So as we

begin, I want to clarify that I do not believe that you attract negative experiences into your life on purpose. But that does not change the fact that you are the “invitor”, the “attractor” and the “creator” of it, because at some point you have given thought and emotion to it.


It is important to understand that you are a creator. In fact, you have no choice about whether you are creating because you are ALWAYS creating whether you realize it or not. However, you do have a choice about WHAT you create. Unfortunately, most creations in people’s lives are by default. This is why they worry. They feel their lives are out of control. They believe things are “happening” to them.

The reason we feel that things are “happening” to us is because we do not understand how the Law of Attraction works. This causes us to reap results, benefits and disadvantages that we do not understand.

The Law of Attraction is irresistible. All natural laws are irresistible. This includes the law of gravity, electricity or any other law that operates with mathematical exactitude. There is no variation. The law works perfectly EVERY time. Only the channel of distribution may be imperfect.

In order to understand how the Law of Attraction works and how it affects our lives, we need to take a few moments and talk about our creative thought process.


Every thought is received by the brain, which is the organ of the conscious mind. It is here that it is subjected to our power of reasoning. When the conscious or objective mind has been satisfied that the thought is true, it is sent to the subconscious mind to be brought into the world of reality. It is no longer susceptible to any argument whatsoever. The subconscious mind cannot argue. It only acts. It accepts the conclusions of the conscious mind as final. This is the point at which the finite becomes infinite, where the uncreated becomes the created, the universal becomes individualized, and the invisible becomes visible.

Put simply, every thought that you think has its own energetic vibrational frequency. That thought is impressed into your subconscious mind. Then, through the Law of Attraction it will energetically attract another person, place, and thing or circumstance that has a vibrational match or is vibrating at the same frequency. Every thought is a vibratory pattern. Vibratory patterns tend to resonate with similar vibrations and this resonance is the beginning of the creative process.

Quantum physics has shown that matter is simply a certain vibratory rate of energy. Matter is attracted to other matter. We call this the law of gravity. All energies will gravitate to other energies of the same or similar vibratory rates. All beliefs and thoughts, especially when attached to or accompanied by a strong emotional current, vibrate at a certain frequency or energy. And things, events, people and ideas that vibrate harmoniously with these thoughts will gravitate to them.

Everything is created through energetic vibration. Sound is vibration. Light is vibration. Matter is vibration. Thought is vibration. Emotion is vibration. Everything is vibration. Anything that vibrates at a specific pattern will attract like vibrations. This works on the chemical, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

If you find yourself thinking about something you do NOT want, you will attract the very thing you are trying to avoid. The same thing happens if you reach into your past experience and project the negativity into your present or future. You will attract more of the same thoughts from other people; more conversation, more evidence, more circumstances and more events that perpetuate this negative thought. It works the same way for positive or creative thought. Whatever you focus your intention on you attract.

The end result is that which you really want, you get, and that which you really don’t want, you get. The Law of Attraction works for both equally as well.


There are two ways to create. Conscious or deliberate creation and unconscious or creation by default. As we said earlier, all people are creating all the time. So the question is not WHETHER they are creating, but whether they are creating consciously (that is deliberately by choosing what they desire) or unconsciously (that is simply by noticing what they

have attracted into their own life and wondering how it got there) This is creating by default.

A major factor in living a worry-free life is understanding and accepting that you have the power to create and change your present circumstances. You do not eliminate worry by trying to change the events or circumstances in your past. You eliminate worry by creating something NEW in the NOW.


It is not uncommon for people to worry about what has happened in the past. Yet, you cannot change any past experience no matter how much you worry about it. That’s because once a thing has been created it cannot be destroyed. However, what you CAN do to eliminate worrying about the past is to RE-CREATE your present experience of those events.

In other words, re-create how you view and accept those events – including yourself. To do this you must allow yourself to explore the choices you have made in your life thus far WITHOUT JUDGMENT of “good” and “bad”, “right” and “wrong”, “fair” and “unfair”. Instead, look at your past choices and simply decide whether you want to make those same choices in the future.


There is no way you can stop worrying or change your life, unless and until you accept complete accountability for every event that has occurred in your life so far. There is no mystery to life. Every experience is the result of the use or misuse of the Law of Attraction. This means we are the cause of our experience. All the fear, all the doubt, all the uncertainties, all the worries will dissolve away as soon as you assume accountability for the cause.

Therefore, you absolutely must acknowledge yourself as the creator of anything that you wish to re-create or change. This is not easy because to acknowledge yourself as the creator of your experience means placing yourself at fault.

Don’t make this mistake. Unfortunately, many people tend to blame and recriminate themselves for what has happened in their past. They will look at some of the experiences in their life and will ask, “Why in the world did I create THAT!” Then they will get down on themselves for having been so stupid, or naive. Or, they will become angry with themselves for creating and recreating a seemingly endless pattern of the very experiences they are trying to avoid.

This often leads to self-hate. The problem is that self-hate lead to self- sabotage. It is a very dangerous trap. So you must understand before you move further into the process of taking control of your life, that accepting responsibility for the events in your life does not mean accepting BLAME

for them. You can only assess blame when something has gone “wrong”. However, your blame is invalid because in your life NOTHING HAS EVER GONE WRONG.

Whether you agree with it or not, the ongoing process of Life is always unfolding perfectly. You never need worry about your past because everything that has happened to you in your life has happened perfectly in order for you and all the those involved with you to grow exactly the way you needed and wanted to grow. All the experiences in your life have been drawn to you by you at exactly the prefect time in the right and perfect way that you might create the right and perfect experiences and opportunities to know Who You Really Are.

This not only includes the ones that you consider as pleasant, but the ones you consider as painful. A worry-free life comes from knowing that nothing can happen, nothing can occur in your life that is not precisely perfect for you. Everything that has happened or will happen is an opportunity for you to heal something, create something, or experience something that you wish to heal, create, or experience in order for you to fully understand your True Self.

Once you understand that you draw everything into your life for a purpose, it will allow you to get rid of resentment, anger and disappointment and to realize that you will never be a victim again, or make another person the villain. Until we see the perfection in our lives, even in what you and I would call in human terms ugly, evil, terrible or horrible, we are totally blind to what is really happening.

I also hope that you are beginning to clearly see how beneficial it is to you to let go of all judgment of “right” and “wrong” or “good” and “bad” because none of it matters unless you want to continue to make it matter. No longer do you have to keep operating out of the belief, “I am a victim”, “They hurt me”, “I am unlucky”. “I am ugly”. “I am not nice”; “I am not worthy”. Begin to realize this important truth – “I AM WHAT I THINK I AM, nothing more and nothing less.” and then choose to think of yourself in a new way.

The attitude you want to develop is this: “I am the cause of my own experience and every experience I have given myself was perfect because it helped me to evolve and grow in the understanding of WHO I AM and WHO I CHOOSE TO BE”.

That is a very empowering statement. It is a statement that removes us from thinking that we are a victim and from being the effect of life instead of the cause. You realize and declare that you have ALWAYS been the creator at every moment in your life. And here’s the best news of all – IF YOU CREATED YOUR PAST, which means YOU, CAN ALSO CREATE YOUR FUTURE.


It is not necessary to understand WHY you have created what you have created, or why you chose to experience particular life encounters in a certain way. You did, and that is that. Stop questioning yourself about it. Stop worrying about it and stop asking, “Why?” The question “Why” is

meaningless, pointless and useless because it yields to nothing but more “Why” questions with equally pointless answers.

If you must ask “Why?” such as “Why is this happening to me?” try this: Instead of asking, “Why is this happening TO me?” ask “Why is this happening FOR me?” This is what I call prepositional replacement. Simply replacing the word TO with the word FOR gives you all the power you need in the situation to look at it from a place of learning. Remember that every event in our lives is an activity of energy that we have created for our own growth experience. So, the next time you think something is happening TO you, use the prepositional replacement and ask why is it happening FOR you. Then listen and watch for the answer – you will be amazed at what you learn.

There is really only ONE question of any value, of any worth, of any importance at a given moment and it is this; “WHAT DO I CHOOSE NOW?” That is all that matters, that is all that counts. The answer to THIS question is the key to your future. It is the fuel that drives the creative engine of your experience.

So look at any experience in your life and decide WHO and WHAT you choose to be NOW in regard to that. Do you choose to be angry? Do you choose to be sad? Do you choose to be suspicious? Do you choose do be depressed? Do you choose to be dysfunctional in your relationships? Do you choose to continue to feel victimized? Do you choose to be healed? Do you choose to live from understanding, compassion, forgiveness and love? Do you choose to live without worry? WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?

The reason the answers to these questions are important is because what you choose will be reproduced in your life through the Law of Attraction. All states of mind reproduce themselves. The universe is like a giant copy machine that can only reproduce what is on the original copy. The original copy is always your thought.


Each one of us has an Inner Guidance System of Higher Intelligence. Our Inner Guidance System offers us a simple way to know if we are moving towards or away from our desires. It does this by offering us positive or negative feedback that we call “emotion”. Positive and negative emotion is an automatic guidance system designed to let us know the appropriateness of whatever is happening in every situation. It applies to every thought, every word and every interaction. Positive and negative emotion or feeling is a powerful guidance system, but few people know about it or use it. Taking advantage of it is as simple as paying attention to whether you are FEELING positive or negative emotion in any moment.

The universe responds only when harmony exists. It doesn’t matter if it is positive or negative harmony.

It is important to be sensitive to the way you are FEELING all the time so that you will always know whether or not you are attracting what you do not want. Once you realize you are in the process of attracting what you do not want, it is important to STOP the negative attraction. Whenever you feel the negative emotion of fear or worry recognize you Inner Guidance System is telling two very important things. First, there is something that you desire, otherwise you would be feeling no emotion at all, and second, you are not focused on what you desire but are focused in the opposite direction.


When a pilot flies an airplane there is a computer in the plane that tells him when he is off course. This is his signal to make a correction in the direction the plane is heading. If he does not, he will end up someplace other than his destination, or worse, end up crashing the plane. We must do the same when it comes to our thoughts.

We are a peculiar race of beings. On the one hand, each of us professes we are concerned with growing and developing, while on the other hand, most of us do not want to be wrong or make a mistake. This is a paralyzing contradiction. The whole idea of not modifying ourselves or changing the direction of our lives comes from our fear of being wrong or making mistakes, or worse yet, having others watch us while we’re doing it!

If we always want to be “right” and are afraid of being “wrong” how can we possibly change? Being successful is nothing more than a CORRECTION process. All that is required to change the direction of our lives is POSITIVE SELF-CORRECTION. And here’s the payoff in it for you: Personal freedom and success always follow positive self-correction.

Positive Self-Correction puts you into a continual state of being the way you choose to be. It allows you to attract only what you desire and what is most important to you. It also helps you to recognize that in the moment that you are taking your thoughts, words and actions, and through non- physical energy directing them toward what you do not desire or the lack of what you do not desire. It allows you to make a conscious decision to stop the negative attraction and begin a positive attraction. It is where you change your thought, words and action thus changing your emotional response. It brings you in balance with your true intentions.

This would not be as difficult if you were not living in an environment where there was so much negative influence around you. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove ourselves from all negative influence. Even those who seclude themselves still receive influence from the projection of thought being spread through others including the media, television, and authority figures.

In order to deal with this we must be aware of our thoughts and feelings. When you recognize that you are feeling negative energy or emotion it is important to understand that what you are really feeling is a LACK OF POSITIVE ENERGY.

When this happens the first thing you should do is say to yourself, “I am worrying which means I am feeling negative emotion. This is an indicator that I am not in harmony with what I desire”. Then use positive self- correction and restate what it is that you desire. This is easy to do because you are never more clear about what you want then when you are experiencing what you do not want, because it is just the opposite.

At that point say to yourself, “It is important to stop worrying and correct my thoughts and feelings otherwise I would not be feeling this negative emotion”. Then turn your attention AWAY from what you don’t want and ON to what is that you want. In that moment of positive self-correction and by turning your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop. The moment the worry and negative attraction stops, the positive attraction begins and your feeling will change from doubt, fear, and worry, to positive expectation. This is the process of positive self-correction.

Many people fight what they perceive as a negative situation and say, “I would be so much happier if I were in another place, with another person, had more money, had a better job, had someone to love me, or I was healthy instead of sick. It would be so much easier to be positive and attract positive circumstances under those conditions”.

However, you will never be in a place where there is only positive emotion or positive energy because the universe is not created that way either in the physical or non-physical. Remember that the universe must always be balanced with both the positive and negative, the yin and yang. Within everything you desire there will always be an automatic counterbalance

which is its opposite or lack of it. This is the principle of Complimentary Opposites in action.


It is easy to stand where you are now and recognize that you are not where you want to be then try to justify to the rest of the world why you are there. The problem is that while you stand there justifying, defending, rationalizing and blaming, at the same time you are negatively attracting the very thing you do not desire in your life.

Anytime you feel the need to explain to someone why something isn’t the way you want it to be, you are placing yourself in a position of more negative attraction. You are giving your dominant attention to what is wrong. Unfortunately, most people are focused on what is wrong instead of what is right in their lives. It then becomes a habit.

The reason you want to focus on the positive aspects of your life is to tip the balance of your thought to what you desire rather than the lack of it. It’s a subtle but important difference.

For example, if you are thinking about money, you may think you are just thinking about money. But there are only two ways you can think about money. You either think about having it, or worry about not having it. As you have already learned, when you feel negative emotion about anything you are automatically focused on the lack of something. In this case, not

having money. So the process of positive self-correction is to correct or replace these thoughts with a statement such as, “I choose to attract wealth into my life right now.” Statements such as these will assist you in recognizing in the early stages when you notice you are worrying and moving toward the negative so that you can release it and reach for the positive.


What we’re talking about here happens within you as well, even when you are alone. In other words, if there is a belief within you that is very important to you, even as you try to change the subject in your own mind, your beliefs may keep bringing it back. The solution lies in your ability or willingness to let go of worry, positive self-correct, and stop the negative creating process.

For example, you may say to yourself, “My intention is perfect health but I keep worrying about the flu that everyone else says is going to get me again this year”. Then you find yourself with the flu because you have run down your immune system through your negative thought process.

Instead, positive self-correct and say, “That was the belief I held before. Now I choose not to have the flu. I had the flu in the past because I did not realize that my thought and expectation about it was the reason I vibrationally attracted it. Now that I fully understand this I will not accept the flu as part of my life” This sends the message to your immune system to reject to anything that does not have a vibratory match to perfect health.

This process is called “bridging your belief”. Bridging from what you used to believe to what you choose to believe now. Perhaps it will come up again, but each time you deal with it in this same way until it is no longer part of your life.

What is happening is that as you are learning how to shape or contour non-physical energy with your thoughts. It is important to remember that the universe is impersonal. It does not care what your thoughts are. All it knows is that whenever you give your dominant attention to something you are reaching out and calling it to you. If you say, “I choose perfect health”, you are attracting all that is necessary for perfect health. But if you say, “I don’t want to be sick, get cancer, have the flu.”etc. your dominant attention is to sickness, cancer, flu, etc, and that is what is attracted into your experience.


The important point is this: The more you worry and struggle against something that you do not want, the more you attract it to yourself because you set up RESISTANCE. And resistance is the cause of all negative attraction! It can be summed up in this statement – Whatever you resist will continue to persist.

We have been programmed with the mistaken belief that we can get what we want by resisting or defeating what we don’t want. However that defies the Law of Attraction. Here is what you must know. That which you defend

against will become your experience that which you fear or worry about will become your experience and that which you prepare against will become your experience.

What we fail to understand is that the defense against sickness is the cause of it. The defense against poverty is the cause of it. The defense of being hurt in a relationship is the cause of not having the relationship we desire. The defense against evil is the cause of it.

As you prepare yourself and guard yourself, and are frightened and worried about anything you do not want, by focusing your attention on it and adding emotion to your thought, you are attracting the very thing you are trying to guard against. The more you try to defend, resist and guard against it, the more you fear it and the more powerful the attraction becomes.

However if you put yourself in a clear, unrestrained non-resistance state of mind only allowing health, abundance, security, love or whatever you desire, you only need to relax, let go of worry and focus on what you desire. Rather than struggling against illness, relax and allow wellness. Rather than fighting against poverty or not having enough, just relax and allow more to come into your life. This means no more struggle and strain. No more discouragement, doubt, worry and defeat, but a sure and happy process of creating the life you desire.

As you look into your own life experience and see the lack of anything; money, relationships, or whatever you desire, understand that lack exists for only one reason. You have chosen thoughts that are not in harmony

with your desire and so you are literally vibrating or attracting what you are getting.

When you understand precisely how everything comes to you then you are free forever from worry and fear about what others may do to you. You no longer have to worry about the economic conditions, the government, your parents, and all the influences that you fear. The only reason you worry and feel threatened is because you have accepted the belief that if someone else does something that is not in harmony with what you desire it will somehow affect your life. But it cannot come into your life if you do not invite it through the energy of your thoughts, fears and worry.


Here is an important truth: 99% of what you create in your life is complete before you see any evidence of it in your physical experience. The problem is that you have trained yourself to believe that there is no forward motion until you actually see the physical proof. However, here’s the catch. As you focus only on the ABSENCE of physical proof with worry and doubt, you do not realize that you are pushing the very thing you desire further and further away from you. Before going further, read this paragraph again.

If you plant a seed in your garden I am sure you have enough common sense to know that your creation is well underway before you see any physical evidence. It is highly unlikely you will go out to your garden and stomp on the seed you planted and demand that you see results right

now! You don’t worry about it, instead, you allow the natural laws of the universe to do their work and the small seed you planted matures into what you desire.

If you look at your life you will see you have planted many wonderful seeds of creation. However, in your impatience, worry or lack of understanding concerning the principles of the creative process you have focused on what you don’t have or don’t want and therefore have destroyed or sabotaged the seeds of your desire.

What we are talking about is deciding on what you want and then only giving your attention to that, while intentionally not giving your focus to the things you do not want. How can you do this most effectively?

First, every day when you get out of bed make a decision that no matter what you are doing today, no matter who you are interacting with, that your dominate intention will be focused on things you desire in your life. Whatever you see, whomever you are interacting with, if you intend to look for things you desire then you will effectively and deliberately fill your consciousness with this information.

Second, accept that whatever you desire is already yours. Let the universe that links everything together (and allows the seed to grow) to take care of the process or the details. When you focus on the end result, you will be guided to the specific people, circumstances, conditions, techniques or strategies in how to go about bring forth your desire. Furthermore, you will KNOW that these people, circumstances, conditions,

techniques or strategies are the “right” ones by the way you feel because you will feel positive emotion.

The key is to LIVE in the present moment, but know that you are creating your future in this moment. What you are looking for is balance in your thinking. In other words, living in the present moment while giving thought to something you desire and expecting it. If you desire and expect it, it will be yours. However, normally most people do not achieve this balance where their desire and expectation are equal. Sometimes their desire is very high, but their belief or expectation is not there at all. Or the reverse is true. Their belief is high, but their desire is not equal.

It is no secret that there is a predominance of negative beliefs that surround you. So, it’s by a natural process that you find yourself focusing on the negative rather than the positive. If you are trying to pay your bills and you do not have enough money, what do you do? You start to feel tension, even fear. Your thought is that you cannot pay the bills, which also means you cannot do the things you really desire. So what happens next? You give your dominant thought to not having enough money. When you feel this anger, frustration or fear, you are in the perfect position to create more of what you do not want, which is more of the same.

Remember that the emotion you feel about anything is a signal from your Inner Guidance System. Put simply, if you are feeling positive emotion you are on track and your desire is on the way. If you are feeling negative emotion it is telling you that what you are thinking is not in harmony with your desire and it is moving further away from you.

Whenever you find yourself feeling any type ofnegative emotion (worry, fear, doubt) you must take the time to STOP whatever it is you are doing that is causing the negative emotion because it means you are attracting what you do not want. Let me remind you again that the negative emotion of fear and worry exists only when you are miscreating. And so, when you recognize you are in a state of worry or negative emotion, no matter how it got there, no matter what the situation is, you must positive self-correct and STOP doing what you are doing and immediately focus your thoughts on what you want.

Why is this so important? You already know the answer, but in case you missed it, here it is again. The way you feel is a strong, powerful magnetic point of attraction. When you allow yourself to feel poor, there is no way you can attract money. When you allow yourself feel fat, you cannot attract thin. When you allow yourself to feel lonely, you cannot attract another person into your life. All of this activates the Law of Attraction to bring you the very thing you are trying to change or avoid.


Now you may be saying, “That’s a lot of nonsense because that’s my reality. I don’t have any money! I AM fat! I AM lonely! That’s reality. That’s WHAT IS”. But here is the important point. If you are only able to focus on WHAT IS, you will only create MORE of WHAT IS.

You must be able to put your thoughts beyond WHAT IS in order to attract what you desire. If you focus on your present reality it will hold you like a

magnet right where you are. On the other hand, if you focus on what you desire you will begin attracting people, experiences and events into your life that will change that reality. You will end up having what you desire rather than what you are getting.

There is something important to consider when you begin this process of focusing on what you desire. You will start out with much anticipation and excited emotion. At this point it will be easy to remain expectant because you are excitedly and expectantly thinking that your desire is on the way to you.

But then you may express your desire to another person. Because of all their emotional baggage they may begin to “advise” you or give you “reasons” why it is not possible. If they are persuasive enough and you accept their opinions and beliefs, their convoluted logic will become convincing. That will cause you to begin to worry and focus on the lack of what you have instead of what you want.

Before listening to others you were focusing on what you desired and you were in the process of attracting it to you. Now, after listening to others, you begin to focus on all the reasons why you cannot have it so you begin pushing it away.

Suppose you were focusing on a new job or career. In both of the above situations you would be focused upon the same new job or career. However, in the first situation you are expecting the new job or career, but in the second situation you are noticing that you don’t have it yet, or that it seems unlikely that there is any way that you will get it. Do you see the

difference? In both cases you are focusing on the same thing. One is attracting it TO you and one is pulling it further AWAY from you.

Many people only manifest small creations in their lives because they have limited beliefs. Instead of trying to create WHAT CAN BE, they create based on WHAT IS or WHAT HAS BEEN. Their belief can stretch them to do a little bit more, but their belief cannot stretch them to a great deal more.

What they do not understand is that it is no more difficult to create fifty thousand dollars than it is to create five hundred dollars. They are equal in the universe. The difference in creating five hundred dollars and fifty thousand dollars is only in your mind and in your beliefs because the Law of Attraction doesn’t care. It can attract fifty thousand dollars, just as easily as it can attract five hundred dollars.

The problem is that most people believe in lack and limitation. They believe that there is simply not enough of anything. Perhaps you may believe that there is not enough love, not enough money, not enough food, not enough jobs, not enough time, not enough good ideas to go around, and even not enough of you to go around.

This sponsoring thought causes you to employ all sorts of strategies and tactics in seeking to acquire whatever you think there’s not enough of. The problem with this type of thinking is that the universe cannot give you what you do not believe you can have no matter how much you desire it because it will not violate your own belief about it. Believing that you

cannot have something is the same thing as not desiring to have it. It produces the same result.

So what are you going to do about it? First, you must decide what will be true for you and for your future. Don’t let someone else decide for you. And, not to decide is the same thing. If you don’t decide, someone else will decide for you.

A word of caution here – if you fall back into your old habit patterns, don’t get discouraged. If you do, simply notice your choice and choose again. Don’t make yourself wrong. Learn to refuse to judge yourself. Simply notice the choices you are making and choose again. Keep choosing the greatest vision for yourself that you can.


The words you say are not as important as the intent you hold when you say them. One word you should eliminate from your vocabulary is the word NEED. Whenever we say we need something it implies desperation, and in most cases is attached to worry and negative attraction.

I WANT is much better than I NEED, but it still implies lack. If you want something it still causes you to worry about not getting it because it means you don’t have it. However, before you can have it in the physical you must know that you already have it in the non-physical.

Instead of WANT, consider using the words INTEND or DESIRE. They are powerful words because they do not express lack and because they include belief. So, instead of saying, “I WANT…” a better way to phrase it is to say. “I INTEND to have…” or “I DESIRE..…” INTEND and DESIRE will also cause your subconscious to offer less resistance.

The strongest statement you can make is I AM because I AM focuses on what you want to BE. In other words, I AM means that I already have everything I desire. However, if you say, “I AM”, and then you look around and say to yourself, “I am really not”, your attraction and your words are in opposition. If you cannot say “I AM” with conviction, then a good place to start is “I AM BECOMING”.

Let’s say you want to lose weight and you have an image of what the perfect weight and shape is for you. But every time you look into the mirror your thoughts go in the opposite direction. So what you want is going one way and what you expect is going another way. You could say, “I AM BECOMING the perfect weight and shape I desire” (whatever your perfect weight or shape is for you) This does not cause conflict in your subconscious and is motivating and uplifting rather than depressing. In time as you create more and more in your life, you can start to say, “I AM” with authority because you have learned to take the non-physical energy and direct it where you want it.

You may be saying to yourself, “If all of this were that easy no one would worry and everyone would have what they desire. So why doesn’t it work this way for most people”? Let’s go back to our mind. Our subconscious mind’s primary objective is our survival. Whenever we want to make a

change in our life our subconscious initially sees it as a threat to our survival. This is what activates worry. In an effort to protect us from the unknown our subconscious will come up with every reason in the world why it won’t work. You can be sure of that. It is resistant to change and will try to stop us at every turn. This causes us to worry about the outcome. But it is important to remind ourselves that nothing outside of us is doing this. We are being misdirected from within. We are in control.

This is the true test of whether or not you will have a worry-free life. This is the tunnel we must go through before we can see the light. Most people get lost in the tunnel and give up ever seeing the light. No matter how dark the tunnel is right now, there is a light at the other end, but we have to be persistent in order to experience the light or to achieve our desires. There is no free lunch, not even in the universe.

Like anything worthwhile in life, we must be willing to pay the price. The price in this case is giving up our old beliefs and stop worrying that we can’t have what we want. If you start to worry it is a good idea to acknowledge your subconscious and thank it for protecting you. This reduces resistance. You can say something like, “Okay I hear you and thank you for trying to protect me, but I am not worried. This is the new plan. This is what I desire now”


Everything in life is a question of intent. We learned that the first step in the creative process is our thought about something. Start observing what

you are thinking about. All thought is energy. If that is the case, ask yourself, “Where is my energy going?” When you catch yourself worrying or thinking any thought that is opposed to your highest idea about yourself or what you want to create – change your thought. Disconnect your energy from that thought. Do this literally.

If you find yourself worrying or think things are getting worse instead of better, if you think the world is a bad place filled with negative events, if you think your life is falling apart and it looks like you will never get it back together again. Change your thought and disconnect your energy circuits from that thought.

Train yourself to do this immediately. Don’t wait. When you have a thought that is not in alignment with your highest vision, change it to a new thought right then and there. When you find yourself worrying and entertaining negative thoughts that are out of alignment with your desire, when you do something that is not in alignment with your intention, decide to make that the last time you will do it.

What it will require is that you think about what you desire and think about nothing else. Whenever a self-defeating thought comes into your mind that says, “It won’t work, “I’ll never get there”, or “I can’t have what I want”, you must STOP the negative attraction immediately and say this, “I refuse to be pessimistic. I release all doubts. I reject all fear and worry. I now instruct my subconscious mind to hold on to (insert your intention or desires here)”.

When we do this there is no other way in which the universe knows how to respond. It responds to thought and feelings. If we keep our thoughts and feelings consistent with our desire we cannot fail.

In the beginning this process will entail constant moment-to-moment monitoring of whether your Inner Guidance System is sending you positive or negative emotion. It will involve continued choice making – consciously. What you will find out if you undertake this challenge is that you will become very powerful and that you will be able to create anything you desire.

Begin to consciously change your thoughts, words and actions to match your grandest vision of what you want in your life. Rather than worrying or focusing on the problems of the world, rather than worrying what you will do today, just focus on feeling positive emotion in this moment. When you do this, the Law of Attraction will work FOR you instead of AGAINST you throughout the day.


One of the mistaken certainties or misconceptions most people operate under is that you get what you desire in life by what you DO, or through the action you take. Most people believe that the doing or action is what makes things happen. This is not true. In fact, if you analyze it, 90% of most action is spent trying to compensate for inappropriate creating.

We have been programmed that in order to have what we desire we must work hard. This is a core belief of most people. How many times have you heard – “No pain, no gain.” The implication is that if you want to make something of yourself you must work hard. The message is clear – if you are not hurting or struggling, you are not moving forward. But here is the truth – anytime you are struggling you are miscreating. Anytime you feel pain or struggle your magnetic point of attraction is directed to that which you do not want rather than which you desire. Read it again!

The reason we put a lot of emphasis on wasted action is because we do not understand the power of our thought. When you have learned how to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want, you will find there is less action necessary to accomplish your goal.

Most of the action we take is because we get caught up in the after effects of our unconscious thinking. We spend most of our action putting out brush fires along the way that are created by focusing on what we don’t want instead of what we do want, so we have to take action to correct our situation. However, when you use the process of creating by only focusing on what you want, you will see that the universe will provide a different set of circumstances for you that requires much less action.

I am not saying action is not important or necessary. The point I am trying to make is that the majority of action that people take is not in harmony with their true intention. Most people act out of doubt, fear and worry. What most people are doing is utilizing action to compensate for inappropriate thought.

The Chinese philosopher Lao-tsu said that, “In the practice of the Way, every day something is dropped. Less and less do you need to force things until finally you arrive at non-action. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone”.

When I first read this quote it made no sense to me. That was because I never had the experience of “doing without doing”.

There is a Taoist story about a group of Confucian intellectuals, who while strolling through the woods, came across a waterfall. As they looked into the water they noticed the body of a dead old man bobbing up and down in the roaring, churning water. Horrified, they rushed to the edge of the water and tried to figure out how they were going to get the body out and give it a decent funeral. Their discussion suddenly came to an abrupt end when the supposedly dead old man pops out of the water, dries himself off and walks away.

Astonished, the scholars ran after the old man and demanded, “How did you survive in this water? No one could swim in this water without being killed.” “It’s really easy,” the old man told them. “You just go up when the water goes up, and down when the water goes down”.

The lesson here is that you do not have to struggle. The problem is that most of us are preoccupied with “doing”. Unfortunately most of our doing usually involves struggle. In the western world we are conditioned to be action-oriented, so we place a tremendous value on doing. We are so busy doing that we do not realize that all this “doingness” causes us to

create in a reverse fashion. The problem is that you limited to what you can accomplish when you focus on the doing or the action process.

In addition to creating in reverse, not much of this action is done in joy. We are conditioned to deliberately sacrifice joy in the moment for the sake of future rewards that we believe will bring us the happiness we seek. This causes us to live out of the moment and look toward some place in the future for the satisfaction we are chasing after. We find ourselves looking toward the weekend, looking toward vacation, looking toward retirement. And of course, the time when we will have more money, find the right job; meet the right person, etc. Then, and only then, will we allow ourselves to be happy.


Most people are looking toward a future time for pleasure and a feeling of satisfaction, but very few experience it in the NOW. Yet NOW is the only time that exists. What you are being, living, thinking and feeling in the present moment will determine your happiness. It also determines how much time you spend on worrying about the future.

Think of your present moment as your Point of Power, because it is the only point where you can exercise your full power. For most of us the present moment exists only as mental concept. If there is such a place where all the creative forces of the universe come together, how do we know it is the present moment? What evidence is there that this is true?

Consider this; all your hopes for the future and even your memories of the past can happen only in the present moment. The present moment is that one point where everything comes together.

When does life start? When does it end? When do cause and effect take place? When is it that we meet every challenge? When are problems born and when are they resolved? When do we feel pain? When are we healed?

We have been taught that those moments are separate from each other, but in truth, they all take place in the now. No matter what happens in life, it is always now, then now, then now – always in the present moment.

Perhaps you are seeking answers to your questions or problems. Notice that sometimes you receive your answer, but most of the time you don’t. Why? Because you are not in the present moment when the answer arrives! Anytime your mind is out of the present moment you cannot receive the answer you need from Higher Intelligence.

The answer can come in many ways and at any time, but it will always come in the present moment. If we spend most of our time regretting and living in the past or worrying about the future we place ourselves out of the present moment where all creativity and answers take place. Does it make any sense at all to desire, request, yearn and pray for that which is closest to your heart and necessary to your life and then not be paying attention when the answer arrives?

Our Point of Power can only exist in the present moment. We create from this moment whether the materialization appears instantly or later as a complex event. However all creation takes place in the NOW. If we really understand this truth, we will have an inexhaustible supply of usable energy at our command.

It is only our thoughts, attitudes and emotions in the moment that have power. It is not what occurred to us in the past that will force us on a path that we would rather not be on. It is how tightly we hold on to that past by reliving its trauma and drama in our present moment. When we constantly worry and re-examine the past in order to discover what is wrong with the present, we reinforce the building materials that will create exactly that which we are trying to escape.

Understanding the power of the NOW is immensely important to the conscious creation process. We can’t create in the future, because what we call the future is really the effect of our now. We can only create in the now.


What we don’t realize is how much of our creative energy is spent and wasted worrying about the past and not living in the present. We can actually measure the effect this has on our life. In fact, I am going to do the mathematics for you.

Imagine a memory from your childhood that still controls your life. Perhaps you had an abusive childhood or did not have a mother or father, or had parents who were unable to love you in the way you wanted. You hold on to that memory and carry it with you every day. Let’s say that memory uses up 20% of your creative energy.

Now think for a moment of a bad or failed relationship, an insult or some type of memory that you should have reconciled, but haven’t. Let’s say that this takes another 5% of your creative energy.

Let’s take a look at an event in your life where you were very disappointed because it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Let’s say that you use another 10% of your creative energy keeping that memory alive.

You already have 35% of your creative energy invested in the past before you get out of bed and begin handling your day’s activities.

Let’s continue. You also know that you should take care of your body, but you don’t, so you have a negative feeling about your body that uses up another 5% of your creative energy. Now we are up to 40%.

How about that cluster of fear and worry that controls your life? The fear of failure, fear of relationships, fear of the future, fear of taking risks, fear of being broke, fear of not finding someone to love you, fear of losing your job, fear over your health. Add them together and how much of your creative energy is invested in those fears and worries? Let’s say these fears and worries costs you another 30%.

Based on these mathematics what you’ve got left over to create the life you desire is 30% of your creative energy, because 70% of your energy is invested in your past, not living in the present and worrying about the future. All of these are energy leaks.

Can you see the problem here? Not only does it cause serious mental and emotional problems, but physical problems as well. Instead of 100% of your creative energy going where it needs to go to support your life and your body, you are now distributing this energy to these fears, negative thoughts and past memories. Every single day and every way the result gets energetically drained from your system. The fact that you are keeping these thoughts and memories alive also causes your cell tissue to get formed in a time warp because you should be in the present moment, but you are not.

What eventually happens is your investment in hanging on to these fears, worries and memories requires more energy than you can produce because every day you keep adding more to your history.

So at some point you have so many energy leaks that there’s not enough creative energy left to supply your needs. On the physical level the depletion from these energy leaks forces you to take vital life energy from the reserves in your cell tissue. When that happens, guess what? You are a candidate for a variety of illnesses to attack your immune system and cause serious damage. This vital energy cannot be used because it is leaving your electromagnetic field.

And in the end, all we get out of worrying about the past or the future is to trying to live on the energy that we have left over. The end result is that this drains not only our body, but also our ability to create. Our ability to create is severely damaged because in order for our energetic system to create it requires at least 70% of our creative energy to be available in the present moment. This is why it is so important to live in the present moment and not allow our creative energy to be used worrying about the past or the future.

When we have chronic negative thoughts about our own life like, “I should have done that”. “I could have done that.” “I should have never done that.” “Everything would have turned out been better if I only done that.” Whenever we try to change the past with feelings of regret, guilt, shame or self-hate, all we are doing is depleting our creative life energy in the present moment.

When we are connected to those thoughts what we are actually doing is halting the progression of our own growth. Essentially what we are saying to ourselves is that, “I messed up my whole life. Nothing will work out from now on”. And what we begin to do is live in a time warp. In our mind yesterday was somehow filled with opportunities and today all those opportunities are gone. Can you see the problem here? Can you see why we suffer needlessly and why we get sick?

What’s worse is that we live by perception that we cannot get the Inner Guidance we need to work through it. This is because we are not living in the present moment. Our energy is being sent to the wrong places.


Going back to what we discussed earlier, the reason why we worry and are on the wrong course most of the time is because we are not living in the present moment. The greatest challenge a human being can have is to live in the NOW and stop-creating thoughts about the present moment based on the past.

Yet, since most of us do not live in the moment, when the present moment arrives, instead of being in the moment we stand outside the moment and analyze it. Then we react rather than create. That is, we act as we did once before. This is not living in the present moment; rather it is just a reaction to what we have experienced in the past. The message here is that when we live in the present moment without previous thought about it, we can create without fear, doubts or worry.

Life is a process of creation, but unfortunately we keep living it as though it were a process of re-enactment. While this may be normal, it is not natural. Normal and natural are not the same thing.

In any given moment we can do what we normally do, or we can do what comes naturally. Real freedom is when you know that nothing in this world, or within the countless other realms has any power over you because your true non-physical self, which is Who You Are cannot fail when your Point of Power is in the present moment.

Projecting into a future or living in the past is the primary cause of worry, depression and unhappiness. In fact, all unhappiness is caused by only one thing – comparison. Any time we compare another place, another person or another situation, either in the past or in the future that is not in our life right now, we will be unhappy in the present.

This is the reason why Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists. People get depressed during the Christmas season because their fantasies of past Christmases don’t match the reality of their present Christmas. They dream of Christmas the way it was, the way they think it should be, instead of enjoying the way it is. They turn a happy time of year into a depressing time of year because they have not learned to live and enjoy the present moment.

Notice that when you are feeling depressed it is usually because you are unable to accept your life as it is in the present moment. Freedom comes when we invest our energy in present time with a sense that yesterday was yesterday and today is today. It is in the full awareness of where we are which includes observing where we are sending our energy. This is the true beginning we must focus on.

Do you see why? You don’t ever have to worry about happy endings when you refuse an unhappy beginning. If we focus on the true beginning – what is happening in the present moment – happy endings will take care of themselves.

As we discussed earlier, most people believe that to get what they want they must focus on what they must DO. That causes them to take another

action to try to fix it. Then, getting more frustrated; they take another action, etc.

If your decision to DO is dominant, then you will not focus on what you want to BE in the present moment. In other words, you say, “I will DO this, then I will HAVE this, then I will BE happy.” “I will go DO this work and I will earn enough money. Then I will HAVE the lifestyle and feeling of purpose I want to have. And then I will BE happy.” That is creating in reverse. I am not saying you won’t get there, but it will be a very difficult path.

When you put the emphasis on DOING you are actually creating in reverse, but if you begin first by identifying how you want to FEEL or BE in the present moment, then on what you want to HAVE, and then are inspired into DOING, you will flow with the universe instead of against it. Both ways will work, but flowing with the universe from Being into Having into Doing will work much faster and easier that trying flow against the universe from Doing, into Having and then into Being.

People often say to me, “I don’t know what to do” or, “What should I do?” The answer is simple. If you don’t know what to do, no action is in order. The fact that you do not know what to do means simply that you don’t know enough about the situation, so don’t do anything. When it is time for action you will feel positive emotion and that is your time to move, otherwise your action is counter-productive. Again, realize that it is not your action that is making it happen, it is your intent.

We have been conditioned to believe that we must perform a certain amount of activity in order to gain a certain amount of results. What this means is we are very limited in what we can create because of our belief that there is only so much time available. Said another way, we believe there is only so much action that we can take within this limited amount of time.

Our mistake is believing that our action is what really creates. Most people try to use action rather than aligning their energy and then they feel overwhelmed because they can’t produce enough action or they can’t put in enough effort to make it happen.

Action is and should be just the way you reap the rewards that you have created through your thought. The key is to make a decision that any action we take will always come based on what we are THINKING and how we FEEL. If the universe is responding to your magnetic thought vibration, do you think it makes any difference whether your vibration is in response to what you are THINKING and FEELING, rather than to what you are DOING? The answer is obvious – there is no difference.

Here is the secret. You can reduce the need for action to a very minimum by allowing yourself to focus on what you desire until you feel the positive energy begin to move within you. This energy is not based on doubt, fear, anxiety, worry or need. If you focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want, you will know when it is time to take action. And when you do, it will be effortless. Doors open and the entire universe will conspire to assist you in your desire.


Put simply, you should take no action on anything until you have visualized your desire and made it real enough in your mind that your next action (step), whatever it is, seems like the most logical step.

How can you know the next logical step? Here is the test that you can give to yourself before taking any action. If you focus on what you desire and still feel overwhelmed or anxious, then you are really not ready for action. You know you are ready when it feels like the next logical step is effortless. There is no effort, no strain, and no pain.

Unfortunately, most of the time the action we take doesn’t feel like the next logical step. And the reason it does not feel like the next logical step is because we are trying to force things to happen; therefore it is not the next logical step.


When you stop worrying and focus on what you desire instead of acting out of fear and worry, it allows you to move forward without unnecessary action or strain. What we are doing is using the leverage of energy, the same leverage of energy that creates everything in the universe.

For example, fifteen seconds of focused thought that is not contradicted by fear, doubt and worry is equivalent to over one hundred hours of action

or activity. Just sixty seconds of focused non-contradicted thought is equivalent to more action than you could take in a month!

The problem is we rarely hold ourselves in focus with non-contradicted thought for fifteen seconds! We are so caught up in the reality, WHAT IS, that we must put in more time and create everything through mental effort and physical activity.

Have you ever seen people who seem to have all the wonderful things in their life without much effort? It almost seems like they have an advantage over everyone else. Then you see the people who work the hardest usually have the least. That doesn’t seem fair does it? But that’s the way the universe works.

Unfortunately, those who work the hardest usually have the least because they haven’t learned the leverage of aligning their energy. They are going about creating their lives the hard way. They are trying to use their actions to create.


We have discussed many aspects of worry. However, it all boils down to is this. We worry because we essentially do not trust the universe or the unseen creative process.

You may be saying, “This all sounds good, but I really have trouble trusting something I do not know or cannot see”. But the fact is we are

always trusting in something or someone whether we realize it or not. For example, we trust the bank with our money. We trust the doctor who operates on us. We trust that when we get up and go to work our job will be there the next day. We even trust that the drivers going 60 or 70 miles per hour in the opposite direction, some of whom are distracted or are driving their vehicles in altered states from drugs and alcohol, will not cross over the line into our lane and kill us.

Every day of our lives, in many ways, we commit acts of trust yet; we won’t trust the creative process within each one of us. In other words, we are more willing to trust fate or trust a stranger with our life than to trust the Intelligence that created us. Without trust in the unseen creative process we can never be free from worry.


As you begin to eliminate worry you will find that attacks of self-doubt are normal. These attacks are groundless, but very convincing to us. There is an old saying that the recovering alcoholic must avoid taking the first drink. We can rephrase this and say that the recovering worry-free conscious creator must avoid taking the first think. The first think is thoughts and statements such as “I don’t think this will work.” “I don’t think I can do this.” These attacks come from our conditioned mind because it always seeks security. It is at this time that we must stop our thoughts and choose what we want to think instead of allowing our mind to take control.

One of the greatest barriers that any of us has to face is our own skepticism. When we focus on skepticism it creates an energy block to our success and happiness. Even as you are reading this I am willing to bet you have your doubts about what I have told you. These doubts are very powerful.

We think it is unrealistic to imagine that we can create our lives effortlessly. What holds us back is our reluctance to take seriously the possibility that the universe or Life just might be cooperating with us instead of conspiring against us.

Sometimes when success and happiness begins to come into our lives we scare it away with worry and doubt. When the combination of our positive thoughts, words and feelings provokes the universe to open a door or two, we start to get a little scared and say, “Hold on. Not so fast”!

Your unconscious survival mechanism is always working. It responds to any new situation or opportunity based on your past experience. If your past experience has been filled with failures, fears and worries, it will see every new situation or opportunity as a threat to your survival.

Think of your mind is a room. In this room you keep all of your ideas about what you think is possible and what is not. Your room has a door. Most of the time you allow the door to remain open just a little bit. When you peek outside you can see a great deal more than is in your room.

Outside your door there are new ideas and possibilities such as the ones discussed in this book, that up until this point you have considered

uncomfortable or too far out for you. You are unsure or afraid of any ideas that makes you uncomfortable, so you work hard to keep them outside of your door. On the other hand, the ideas you are comfortable with are in your room with you.

In the past what you may have done is when you would hear something new, different or threatening you would grab the doorknob and pull the door shut. Fast! Ideas such as; You are responsible for everything that you have experienced in your life. Your response is “That’s ridiculous.” so you slam the door. You can create anything you desire. Your response is, “My experience proves that, that is false. Everything I do fails.” Your trust in the universe and the Law of Attraction brings people, places, circumstances and events to fulfill your desires. You respond by saying, “That’s metaphysical nonsense.” Slam. Slam. Slam. Is it any wonder why you don’t have what you desire? You become your own worst enemy!

Now that you have decided to eliminate worry and not let your past experiences or your survival mechanism run your life; there is another approach I would suggest you consider. To use this approach you must set aside your skepticism. (You can use it later if you need it!)

During the next 30 days when an opportunity or seeming coincidence comes your way, all you have to do is just open your door a little further. As you do that, set your worry and skepticism aside, even briefly. This can make a huge difference. Remember that you do not need to change any of your beliefs. All you need to do is to be open to new possibilities and opportunities without slamming your door first.

Begin to picture your mind as a room with your door slightly opened for opportunity to enter. All you have to do is open the door just a little bit more. Begin to practice opening your mind a little at a time.


Many people have a creative intention or desire within them, but they refuse to be responsible for following their heart’s desire. Some are waiting for others to choose for them. The reason most people do not choose what they desire or focus on what they want is, if things don’t go their way they can say, “It’s not my fault. I was just doing what THEY told me to do”, or “I am just doing what I think GOD wants me to do”.

Often people will say that the reason they haven’t created what they want in their life is that they are afraid of failure. However, from my experience, I believe what frightens us more is the possibility of success. Why? Getting what you want is scary because it implies that you can no longer act like a child. You must become an adult. When you get what you want you can no longer claim you are a victim. You asked for it. Now it’s yours. What are you going to do with it?

You have heard the phrase, “Watch out what you ask for because you might get it”. What that phrase tells us is that when we get what we desire, we are accountable for the results. That is not comfortable for a lot of people who perceive themselves as victims of outside forces beyond their control. They are used to blaming people, circumstances and events for their past failures.

The truth is that possibility is more frightening than impossibility. To anyone who feels that fate or luck controls their life, freedom is far more terrifying than living in prison. Why? Because in prison you are not responsible. They are responsible. Whoever “they” are to you. However, when you are free (able to make your own choices), you are responsible for what you create in your life.

If it’s true that we can create exactly what we choose, then we have no choice but to move forward on our previously impossible dreams. However, we can’t have it both ways. We either live in the prison of our limitations, or we declare that we are free and create what we desire.

Many people make a virtue of suffering. They embrace suffering, lack and limitation and use it to feed a false sense of incompetence. For this reason they draw very limited amounts of success and happiness in their lives. They set a limitation on what they expect and deserve and if they are offered something that is beyond what they imagine is possible, they often reject it by sabotaging their success.

Many people like to pretend that it is hard to follow their hearts desire, but the truth is that it is harder not to follow it. However, I promise you this: if you turn aside your dream, it will keep coming back to you again and again.

Another reason we limit ourselves is because we can only see our desires coming through particular channels. This blocks the flow. The key point here is that we must not shut out any possibilities. Instead, we must allow

the flow to come from where it will, not where we will it. We must be open to the possibility of an intelligent and responsive universe acting and reacting to our desires.


An elephant can lift over a ton with his trunk. The elephant is one of the most brute-force, powerful creatures on earth, but if you visit the circus, you’ll see him standing quietly, passively, held only by a thin piece of rope or chain. The elephant could easily break free. Why doesn’t he?

While still small and weak the elephant is tied by a super heavy chain to a big immovable iron stake. He tries and tries, strains and strains, pulls and pulls but he cannot break free. Soon he stops trying and accepts his limited fate, Then no matter how big and strong he grows, he continues to believe he cannot move as long as he sees he is tied to the stake in the ground beside him.

Too many people are circus elephants – immensely powerful but stuck within their own limitations, manufactured only by their own beliefs and biases.

Our beliefs generate feelings by triggering our brain to send emotion. The emotion that is generated with it becomes part of our neurological patterning. We react like Pavlov’s dogs.

Some of us are stuck in the groove of limiting beliefs. They are ingrained and have become habits of thought. From habits of thought rise habits of emotion and as you have learned, emotions activate the creative process.

Most of the time we accept our beliefs as facts and don’t question them. They lose their status of belief and instead become assumptions or the fact about the way it is.

We literally hypnotize ourselves with our beliefs. We consciously accept them, focus on them, and never question their truth because the results look so real. That’s the nature of beliefs – to hide within the truth.

The interesting thing about our beliefs is they need to validate themselves. The way they validate themselves is to present all sorts of “proof” that they are real. They will stop at nothing to create the illusion of truth and fact. Yet, our beliefs are not there to help or hinder us. They are just following our orders. The end result is that what we believe we will have, and what we believe we will become.


One of the most powerful ways to eliminate worry is through burning desire. Burning desire is the most potent means of overcoming our limitations. Burning desire is the spiritual equivalent of gravity. It draws things together. Attach a burning desire to the thoughts you choose and you will increase their natural attractiveness.

Earnest Holmes wrote in the “Science of Mind” that “Half-hearted wishing must not be confused with desire.” Our wishing is always capricious. We long for one thing today and tomorrow our attention is directed elsewhere. Desire is that something which impels us to reach out and make our own. This is the Divine urge which operating as law produces energy and energy must find an outlet. This is why suppressed desire often produces discord and discomfort. Desire for anything is the thing itself in its infancy. This means that legitimate desire is the voice of Spirit within you, trying to indicate that the thing you desire is already on the way to you. Or, as it is said, “Before they call, I will answer ”.

“By giving our complete attention to any one idea we automatically embody it. We attract to ourselves the objective likeness of this embodiment. The thought becomes the thing. We all recognize that the universe must have been thought into shape before it could have become a material fact. And if we are going to follow along those lines of the Great Architect of the universe we shall find our thoughts taking form just as the universe too was created into form. It is the same Mind operating through the individual. There is no difference in kind or quality. The one difference is one of degree.”


Whether we realize it for not, at any moment in our life we are either moving forward or backward. We are either gaining or losing ground. It may look like we are standing still, but Life is in constant motion. There is

nothing that is not in motion. Even objects that appear to be standing still are in motion.

If you think about it, we are like spiritual sharks. If we don’t keep moving, (creating) we sink to the bottom of the ocean of Life and die. The choice is simple. We must keep creating no matter how successful or unsuccessful we have been up until this moment. We must have the willingness to once more begin and start a new journey.

Life is what we make it. Never doubt your ability to do anything. Instead, just declare your desire, focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want and feel that the Law of Attraction is bringing it into your experience.

Don’t get caught up into how it will come to you. All you have to know is that what you desire is moving toward you. Often it will come in strange ways. All you really need to do is to take a small step in the direction of your dream and watch the door of opportunity start to open. Perhaps it can be summed up in this phrase – “Once I make the decision to leap, the net will appear”.

So here’s the plan. It’s quite simple. Give worry a rest for the next 30 days, Read and reread this book for the next 30 days. Don’t DO anything until you feel inspired to take the first step. I promise you it will come within the 30 days. However, when you do take that first step, know that whatever you desire is on the way to you. Your thoughts and feelings are magnetic and through the Law of Attraction you are magnetizing your desire. Again, don’t doubt, worry or contemplate on how this is going to happen. That is not your job.

Your job is to STOP the negative attraction of the things you don’t want by STOP WORRYING. Anytime you find yourself focusing on what you don’t want with doubt, fear and worry – positive self-correct. Do it immediately. FEEL the emotion and trust that there are unseen forces working to assist you and just keep taking the next step. Never take action out of doubt, fear or worry.

In the beginning giving up worry may seem overwhelming. That’s because we have a core belief that if we don’t worry we don’t care. It goes back to our belief that Life is not for us, but against us. However, we know that Life is for us if we cooperate with the natural creative process. This causes us to flow with universe instead of against it.

We also believe that creating what we want is difficult and requires more effort than it really does. That why we worry, strain and struggle most of the time. However, the Master Teacher tried to let us in on a big secret when he said, “These things I do and you shall also do”. His real message is that creating what we want is not difficult. The difficult part is trusting how easy and effortless it is!

Sometimes you may find that you take two steps forward one step back. That’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Just begin again. There will be times when it will seem like you are not making progress. Do not get discouraged. Remember that all obstacles are temporary unless you choose to make them permanent.

Take the first step and enjoy a few worry-free moments right now! Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Notice how it makes you FEEL and then enjoy another few moments. Keep doing this and in time you will wonder why you waited so long to eliminate all the worries from your life.

Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony

The works of Dr Robert Anthony are some of the best kept secrets on the Law of Attraction. Operating without the massive self-promotion and razzmatazz that so often accompanies other ‘Personal Development’ teachers, Dr Anthony has nevertheless provided a guiding direction to some of the most successful people on the planet.

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